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There are few better things in life than reading The New York Times in print on a Saturday morning with tea.

Chapitre 200: Stopped Time

And so that time has come. The black crest assails Sakura.
With her mother's power, time stops, but that won't hold for long.
If he had taken Sakura's hand then... FWR enters along with Shaoran's regret.

Late at night, disaster befalls Sakura. She seems to be in pain.
Shaoran is summoned and seizes her hand.
"Hang in there, Sakura!" "I'm...all right...this"
She seems to be in pain once again. He grasps the true Sakura's hand tightly.
The pair's memory of when Sakura was in bed with a fever and he held her hand. The black seal spreads over Sakura's chest, it tears her clothes and it expands over her entire body.
Nadeshiko uses magic and stops time.
Sakura is in a trance; Nadeshiko vomits blood and murmurs that the magic user's power is too strong for her to cut off defensively. "Please stop already!" [T/N: This is Jr. speaking]
Shaoran shouts to Nadeshiko, who is continuing to vomit blood, while his eyes tear up.
" are...her...des...ti--"
Nadeshiko stops breathing. The magic's strength abates.
Shaoran takes Sakura regretfully in his arms.
FWR appears in front of his eyes.
"Because your wish and mine are the same."

Finally the time of choice has come!
T/N: The spoiler grammatically seems to assign that line about "you will save Sakura" to Jr., but it doesn't sound like his speaking style and he's not the one who's vomiting blood. I wouldn't be surprised if when the chapter came out the line is actually spoken by Nadeshiko. Of course, I've been wrong before, and I could be wrong about this too.
So that's what happened to Nadeshiko. Oh Clamp, there's no happy family that won't come to a violent end in your world.

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