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Chapitre 201: The Truth Within the Ruins

To save Sakura, Shaoran wishes from his heart to turn back and regain time. 
That guilt and price is extremely heavy. In front of Shaoran, a boy appeared. 
His is an existence that had to be brought forth in Shaoran's place, so that Shaoran's wish might be granted. 
He is not someone "who must be" originally, but another Shaoran. That is Watanuki.
FWR: "That distortion will bring pain to the parents who saved you. And, to that child himself as well."
Yuuko: "No. Still, the future is not yet decided." 

So CCS Shaoran & Sakura are dead after all. ;_;

And Watanuki's existence was indeed contingent on that of Shaoran...who basically has brought pain to everyone he loves. Ugh. 
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