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The roaming fates, while struggling, mix together!! What is the future that Yuuko gazes at from beyond a harsh viewpoint?

Ginryuu and Yuui's tatoo remain as they were.
Among them, there is a staff with lovely feathers attached.
It's the true star staff that Sakura from CCS left there.
And in another box, there is a photograph put in like the pocketwatch.

Like the egg that the copied Sakura of Clow country brought back,
Watanuki was separated into different forms.
Photographed there is the other Watanuki.
The true Shaoran's form was a lie.
Watanuki doesn't know about this photograph, or about his true name that is written down there.
But his body and his heart know, and that his own existence is unstable.
And that his parents sacrificed themselves protecting him in the world that had to be originally.
And that because of that he has to remain in this world as well.

Yuuko's mouth spins a shock!! We finally know the truth of the photograph!! Where is Watanuki's future!?

Well, I wish I could say I was surprised.

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