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In the other world, Shaoran knew the shock of the truth!! Will his feelings toward Watanuki reach his heart!?

SO              DON'T              DIS            APPEAR

In a confusion of leaves falling from many trees, Shaoran's voice reached Watanuki's ears.
Doumeki: "What is it?"

Watanuki grasps a single leaf in his hand with his usual skill, saying,
"...I'll do what I can. Because I want to be here."

The next day. He tries inquiring of the client. Why won't she eat what she herself has made?
The client says, "Because I know. How disgusting I am."
"What I've touched, what I've worn, what I've seen, what I've felt. Because it's my own, I remember."
"That is all disgusting things. And I who live within that am more disgusting still."
"Therefore, at the least I don't want to eat it."

That is something that everyone... She interrupt's Watanuki's words and keeps talking.
"I don't know about other people, and I don't think that I want to know. Because if I did, I'd become more disgusting."

But this woman is going to be married, so she must know about her partner...
"No, I don't know him well. I've only met him three times since the marriage interview. So it's fine."
"If I don't know, he won't become disgusting. Since things you don't know are the same as things that never were."

Why didn't Watanuki agree with that thought? 
"...No. That's...I think that's not the case. Because you don't know doesn't mean it's something that wasn't."
"There are things the body knows even if the heart doesn't know. Actually, your body knows. What you really want to do."

Watanuki's body knows the "emotions of those who made food for him." Because of that, it wants to convey...!!
What on earth is the thing this woman "truly wants to do"!? Next issue!!

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