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These always take forever. On a happier note, I got my copy of Mechademia volume 3 today; the cover feels appropriately autumnal.

The fortune-teller had something she wanted to tell Watanuki, when she told his future for him before.
She told him that his parents were resting in peace, but she felt when Kohane came to ask later,
That that wasn't the case, that they were somewhere else, beyond this world.
Just now, Watanuki is not at the house. That he is still not allowed to know is certainly the good disposition of Heaven.
The fortune-teller hung up the phone, leaving a request that he come over to hang out again.

When Yuuko next asks the fortune-teller, at that time everything will be over, won't it?
She puts down the receiver and opens the screens. Haruka is on the veranda.
This is their first meeting. However, that the living and the dead can meet is a calamity in and of itself.
Haruka: "The children you've protected have each chosen of their own free will.
"My grandchild too, alone.
"It's about time, isn't it? ...If I wish that the butterfly's dream be granted."
A butterfly appears from Yuuko's fingertip, and gamboling with Haruka's pipe smoke it flutters toward the moon.

Even if it's a dream, as long as there's a believed, desired, loved person there, that will become reality. The butterfly kept dreaming that dream!!
When the butterfly's dream is granted, what kind of reality will be told!?

From the moment Yuuko said she hadn't met Sakura "yet," I so totally hoped and thought they might not be dead in the long run.

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