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Oh, hell. I thought I couldn't read the raws, but then I gave it a whirl and found they were legible after all, and I double-checked against [ profile] ladydarkmoon's scans as always.

!!! page 01
FX: Light (of magic)

Yuuko: ...Indeed.
The dream, as a dream.

Things begun must be ended,

Fei Wong.

Chapitre 215: True Existence
!!! page 02-03
Yuuko: And

FX: Smooth

K/F: !?

FX: Light of magic
!!! page 04
!!! page 05
Jr.: ?!

Mokona: The little Sakura and the big Sakura
Came together!?

Kurogane: What's happening...?

Fai: I don't know.
!!! page 06
Fai: But...

The Sakura-chan we went on the journey with,
And the Sakura-chan who was inside the amputated time,
Though both have incredible magic, for that to become one...!

FWR: Though I gathered souls, and implanted them in created forms, that was nothing more than failure.

!!! page 07
FWR: The vessel with dimensions carved into it,

Together with the magic that was stored for an eternity in the reservoir.

The true existence that bears the nature that would inherit them both.

All of that is complete!
!!! page 08-09
FWR: Once, Clow experimented,
But without success...
You whose existence, time and all, was amputated like that princess',

You who for that reason were detached even from dimensions!

FX: Gasp
!!! page 10
FWR: Dimension witch!!

Mokona: Yuuko!?

FX: Light
!!! page 11
FX: Rustle
!!! page 12
FX: Smooth

FX: Gasp

Mokona: Sakura's light

is vanishing!!
!!! page 13
FX: Smooth

Group: !!

FX: Sudden
!!! page 14-15
FWR: I won't let you interfere!

!!! page 16-17
FWR: The dream you couldn't establish!

FX: Roar

FWR: I will grant it now, with these hands!
!!! page 18-19
Jr.: SAKURA!!!

Yuuko: No.

That dream
None can grant.
!!! page 20

Yuuko looks sad. I had a weird thought as I was translating this, namely that Yuuko is CCS!Sakura and FWR is CCS!Shaoran. I'm almost certainly wrong, but it seems like FWR and Yuuko are playing out a script that was written a long time ago. Also, the image of FWR looking crazy with his monocle cracked is priceless. (When did his monocle crack, anyway?)

At least, now that the Sakuras have been combined, there aren't any more soul-less bodies running around. Other than that, I JUST DON'T KNOW.
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