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 !!! page 01
Yuuko: Choose.
!!! page 02-03
Weakness into strength,
Despair into hope,

Carve the
Living proof!!

Chapitre 220: The Strongest Magic
!!! page 04
Clone Jr.: Choose what...

Yuuko: The future.

FX: Rustle
!!! page 05
FX: Sudden stop

FX: Squeeze
!!! page 06-07
Yuuko: ...Because you are created beings,

You will not die.

Because of that,

You can be reborn.
!!! page 08
Yuuko: You were each given life.

Clone Jr.: ...The price? 

Yuuko: There's no longer any need for you to tender anything.
!!! page 09
Yuuko: Besides,

Since all beginnings are from us,
We ourselves have to pay that price.

Clone Sakura:
!!! page 10
Yuuko: Clow and I.

When I was on the verge of death,

Clow wished to preserve my life,
And because Fei Wong tried to grant that wish with his own hands, everything started there.
!!! page 11
Clone Sakura: Clow...Father...?

Yuuko: He was that to you, yes.

Since Shaoran turned back time,
The paths of those who knew of Princess Sakura's mark of death were greatly changed.

The priestess of Clow country, Sakura's mother, the Queen, died,

And the King became your adoptive father.
!!! page 12
Yuuko: So that Clow could fill that empty seat,
He went to another dimenstion,

Parting from those he loved,

So that he could watch over
And protect you.
!!! page 13
Yuuko: And,
For the sake of the time that you chose, he entrusted his life and power
To you, Shaoran, as your price.


I will pay your price.
!!! page 14
Clone Sakura: Why...

Yuuko: Because I am the beginning of this twisted world.

I kept granting people's wishes in that shop.

So that I could use that as the price of your life.
!!! page 15
Clone Jr.: ...Clow
Tried to resurecct you,

...knowing that it was forbidden?

Yuuko: No.

Clow didn't do anything.

For one moment,

He thought that, "I want her
to open her eyes once more."

But Clow's magic was too great,
And for me, according to that strong feeling, time stopped completely. [TN: "Time" is written "moment."]
!!! page 16
Yuuko: Clow has regretted the strength of that magic since then.

That he himself "is the strongest wizard in this world." [TN: "World" in the sense of "multiverse."]

...Since I chose, what will become of you?

That is
About me.

The three feelings that crossed...Everything depends on that strength...
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