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Intense day at work was intense. I do not know our products by their colors! I do not drink our products (or our competition's, for that matter)! Pretend I'm color-blind, sales reps, and tell me your order by product # or name!

Ahem. Still no color pages this week. Something's going down--who wants to speculate? A full color chapter? A 29th volume? Color spread at the end?

!!! page 01
Yuuko: There is no need for you to bear anything more.
You have already suffered enough.

And the others of you as well.

Chapitre 221: The Providence That Was Reserved
!!! page 02
Yuuko: However,

Even if we match our price,
It is difficult to give people life.

It's not that you will be able simply to be reborn, living your life and forgetting everything.

Even if you are born anew,
Your memories will remain.

The happy memories and the harsh memories.
!!! page 03
And you will meet "this time" once again.

Shaoran: This time?
!!! page 04
Yuuko: ...Now,
It is not the case that time is simply flowing in only one way from the past to the future.

The past and the future are mixed,
Multiply twisted and entangled.

Sakura: Because that person broke the principle...

Yuuko: Yes.
!!! page 05
Yuuko: But
There is also a providence that is not broken.

The past and the future--

What decides everything is only choices in the "present."
!!! page 06-07
Yuuko: You will go through new lives.

But once again,
You will encounter the others of you.

What will decide what happens when you encounter them

Is you. [TN: All these "you"s are in the plural.]
!!! page 08
Shaoran: ...I..

Hurt various people...

Even Sakura...

Yuuko: That was not your will.

You were merely made to move according to Fei Wong's expectation.
!!! page 09
Shaoran: But

The one who did it
...was me.

FX: Clench

Sakura: Even
If that is true,

If what you have done is a sin,

I want to bear that sin as well.
!!! page 10
Shaoran: ...Sakura...

Sakura: If I'm punished sometime because of that, that's fine.
I want to live with you.
!!! page 11
!!! page 12
Yuuko: The choice is made.
!!! page 13
FX: Gentle movement

FX: Magic

Shaoran: After we're born, we...

Yuuko: You will come into the world in the same dimension, the same world, and the same time.
Without fail, you will be able to meet.
!!! page 14-15
Sakura: I can finally say it.


Love you.
!!! page 16
Shaoran: Me too.

The world's tomorrow,
Their future,
Will certainly come...

Best chapter yet, I say. What are the odds that the clones are Shaoran Jr.'s parents? 
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