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!!! page 01
Shaoran: Everyone's--

Shaoran: I don't know.

Anyway, let's get out of here.

FX: Nod

Shaoran: !?

FX: Quick nod

Shaoran: The magic...

FX: Gasp

Shaoran: I can't use it...
!!! page 02
Shaoran: Is this...

FX: Clench

Shaoran: The price that Fei Wong...spoke of?

Chapitre 231: The Threshold of Spacetime

Shaoran: Even if that's the case, if I only...
!!! page 03
Shaoran: It's because I'm Shaoran too.

Watanuki: Then
That I'm here might be that too.
!!! page 04
FX: Sudden

Shaoran: !?

Watanuki: Before, when I met Sakura-chan in a dream, she said
That I resembled you.
!!! page 05
Watanuki: Like this...I understand.

It's not that I resemble you two.

Just like Yuuko-san said,
!!! page 06
Watanuki: We are

The same.
!!! page 07
Watanuki: ...This

Isn't a dream.

Shaoran: Yeah.

It might be the threshold

Of space-time.
!!! page 08
Watanuki: Surely the biggest thing I don't know

Is why the three of us are here like this--can you tell me?

Sakura: SHAORAN!!!

FX: Roaring
!!! page 09
Sakura: !?

FX: Scattering
!!! page 10
Watanuki: Is that so.

Of course we resemble each other,

Because we're the same.

Shaoran: My choice involved everyone,
And the world, this far.

And you two...
!!! page 11
Shaoran: Without that choice I wouldn't have been born,
Nor met Sakura-chan and everyone.

Watanuki: That's right.

It made me pass time with everyone

And meet someone who told me
That it was fine just to be.

FX: Soft

Shaoran: We don't know what's happening to the world now,
But I will get out of here.

Get out and do what I must.

Watanuki: Me too...since I decided to wait,
I have to return to the shop.
!!! page 12
Shaoran: Even just a little,
If there's a crack somewhere--

Shaoran: We might be able to get out from there.

FX: Snaking movement

S&W: !?

Shaoran: Even if they're reborn,
Since created people disappeared, people who were created...will disappear too.

I understood from that person that it
Would come to this. [TN: "That person" is written "the spacetime witch."]
!!! page 13
S&W: That's--!!

Shaoran: You're different. 

In face and form.

Besides, you're not a person who was created.

Even if I was created, if my existence disappears, the world will shake and ripple.
There should be a fissure born there.
!!! page 14
Shaoran: Get out from there,
To the world.

FX: Sudden


Shaoran: Even if it's within the circle of the twisted world,
I'm glad I was able to be born like this.

Thank you.
!!! page 15
Watanuki: SHAORAN!!
!!! page 16
FX: Snap
!!! page 17
FWR: Pay
The price.

FX: Rustle

Shaoran: Let's leave.

Watanuki: Let's go home.
!!! page 18
S&W: To the place where we belong.
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