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!!! page 01

Chapter 14: Abigail's Attack
!!! page 02
Misaki: This is...


FX: Dry and crumbling

This was...

The black flower...?

Saitou: Chief! Are you all right?

Misaki: I'm fine, Saitou.

Contact the office about the leak from the water pipe in the public utility conduit.

FX: Spray

Misaki: And check the gas pipes, too.

Then, these flowers…

Saitou: …What about the flowers, Chief?

Misaki: No…

Right now, these flowers here……
!!! page 03
Misaki: What about Harvest?

Did he disappear too?

Saitou: Disappeared?

What are you talking about?

The anesthetic has him sleeping like a baby.

FX: Boom

Saitou: It's a total victory for us, Chief!
!!! page 04
Misaki: …

…I see.

FX: Sigh of relief

Misaki: Well done.

Saitou: It's a credit to you, Chief.

Obtaining the cooperation of Pandora's Dr. Sergei,

Finding and deploying the electricity countermeasures.

Misaki: Flattery will get you nowhere, Saitou.
…Besides, don't talk about the information provider so casually.

Saitou: So…sorry.

FX: Crunch

SWAT guy: If you're going to let him ride in the van, tie him down.

Misaki: …

And don't forget to connect the battery,
So that there's electricity flowing at all times.
!!! page 05
FX: Beep

Misaki: …Ohtsuka, it's me.

We captured Harvest unharmed.
He's being transported from here to a prison compound.

Ohtsuka: You did it, Chief!

Sergei: Congratulations, Officer Kirihara. Now we should be able to put a brake on the black flower's indiscriminate diffusion.

Misaki: ……

It would be good if we could, but…

Besides that, what happened over there?
What about the girl's protection?

Sergei: ?

We heard that custody of the girl had been secured from Harvest.

It seems that she had some kind of trouble and is now unconscious.
Rather, that's preferable.

Misaki: Preferable?

Mina: We can slow the progression of her symptoms.

Misaki: ?
!!! page 06
Mina: I said this at the beginning, but the black flower is a parasitic substance from within the Gate.
It's the same as an disease.

The progression of symptoms isn't connected to the size of her ability, but to her life.

Misaki: Wha--……
Please say those kinds of things quicker!

Mina: I'm sorry.

Misaki: What's the death rate for those patients infected?

Mina: ……

With one exception, 100%……

Misaki: 100…!!?

Mina: ……The only exception is Harvest……

He should have died once, too.

Misaki: He did die.

……Speaking of which, the same as Dr. Schroeder……

!!! page 07
Misaki: Saitou, take care of him!

FX: Off running

Saitou: Huh?

Sergei: Wait! Even if you go now, it's pointless, Parcel will soon…

FX: Beep

Chief: Where are you going, Kirihara?

Saitou: Ch…Chief?

FX: Sound of an engine

FX: Rumbling

Kouno: Huh?

Matsumoto: What's wrong, Kouno?

Kouno: Was there no response, Matsumoto-san?

FX: Rumbling

Matsumoto: From the weird plug in his head?

Kouno: No, his leg, his leg!
He wore this sort of tight pants?

Matsumoto: !

Kouno: Something more like this weird, hairy…
!!! page 08
Matsumoto: He's…

FX: Menacing atmosphere

FX: Glare

FX: Plunk

Driver: Woah,

FX: Screeching

FX: Fwoop
!!! page 09
FX: Smack

Driver: Aaauugh!

FX: Screeching

Hei: …

Parcel: How is she, BK-201?

Hei: …She has a high fever.
!!! page 10
Hei: It's the body's natural reaction against a foreign invader.

When she lost consciousness, that appeared on the surface.

Besides, this big a flower coming out of her body would produce a fever anyway.

……But Azusa opening her eyes and recognizing reality would be even more dangerous.

Parcel: …So if the flower withers, she'll die?

Then we'll hurry.

Sergei or Mina will do something.

Hei: Sergei Vecktrof and Mina Kandaswami?

Parcel: You know them? They're my bosses now.
!!! page 11
Hei: Before I left the Syndicate, I did a job once…

I cannot trust that man.

Parcel: That so?
He's the one who protected your Doll.

Hei: To use me, right?

Parcel: That's right, but even so,
If he hadn't, your Doll might have fallen into your enemies' hands.
She might have died.

He's treated me well, too, since I was small.
And he saved Champ when he was on the verge of being scrapped.

He's a surprisingly good guy.

Hei: ……

Parcel: Believe me!

In the worst case,
I'll let you and the Doll escape to wherever you like,
!!! page 12
Hei: ……Fine.
…But this doesn't mean I've become your compatriot.

Whoever gets in my way, I'll kill!

Parcel: Suit yourself. Though you can't kill me!

Here, take this.

It's your face, right?
You'd be in trouble if you lost it.

Hei: ……

It's not a face.

Parcel: Huh!?
No way!

FX: Revelation

Hei: Never mind, let's move already.

FX: Quick movement

Hei: !
!!! page 13
FX: Wham

Parcel: Augh!

FX: Impact

FX: Drooping

Hei: Parcel!

FX: Creak

Abigail: ……
!!! page 14
FX: High-pitched noise

Hei: A contractor…


What the…!?

FX: Paralysis

FX: Crunch

Abigail: Right now you can't perceive things correctly.

Hei: Shi…

Abigail: You've lost your sense of balance, and you can't even stand properly.
!!! page 15
Abigail: I think it's nice to meet you, BK-201.

I am Abigail

FX: Shink

Hei: ……

Abigail: ……You dropped it.
The knife.

FX: Dropping it

Hei: …!!?


Abigail: And I'm over here.

Hei: …

Abigail: Handling weapons while your brain isn't functioning properly is not advised.
!!! page 16
Hei: ……What's your objective?

Abigail: You know, but you ask.

Are you trying to waste time?

Of course, it's that girl,
The black flower.

Hei: ……
You think I'll hand her over obediently?

Abigail: …At the least, speak before you're robbed.

Hei: !
!!! page 17
Hei: Shi--…

FX: Impact

FX: Brief licking
!!! page 18
Abigail: There's a thin scent of blood.

FX: Licking

Abigail: And salt.

A young and mysterious flavor survives.
The old age and despair of the edge of death.

Hei: Wait…

Abigail: And after, the disease-carrier, too.

…Your mental confusion will last for five minutes.
Until then, you can do nothing.

Hei: ……

Abigail: Farewell, BK-201.

Don't think ill of me.
!!! page 19
FX: Vong

Hei: Where did that little…

FX: Vong

Parcel: Here!

FX: Fwoosh
!!! page 20-21
Abigail: Tch.

FX: Glare

Parcel: Waugh!?

FX: Surrounded

FX: Protruding

Abigail: !

FX: Thump

FX: Landing

Parcel: Take back the girl, Champ!!!

FX: Roar
!!! page 22
FX: Rushing

Abigail: Shi…

FX: Glare

Abigail: Even if your whole body is huge…

FX: Momentary dizziness

FX: Impact

Abigail: !?


Your perceptions should be completely deranged…

FX: Rushing sound

FX: Spinning

FX: Squeeze

Abigail: He's…

A machine!

Let go!
Let go, rubbish heap!

Yin: Hei.
!!! page 23
FX: Quick movement

Abigail: !!!

FX: Cutting

Abdiel: …!?
It hasn't been five minutes…

FX: Jerk

Abigail: Eeek!

FX: Ripping
!!! page 24
Asuka: ……!!!

FX: Strong twitching

Hei: Azusa…!!!


FX: Crunch

Yin: Hei!

Abigail: I'll take the flower at least.

Parcel: She's…she's running away…

FX: Springing forward

Hei: Leave her alone, Parcel…

More importantly, right now……
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