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The New York Times was on fire this week. All of the following articles raised some really interesting, important questions about a variety of issues, and I recommend them:I was particularly interested in the Heidegger article because so many of the philosopher's ideas are central to modern critical theory and cultural studies; I actually asked [personal profile] peoppenheimer, since he's a professional philosopher, what he thought about it. My thoughts on the culture article are complex; I think the author makes and misses good points with equal frequency, for starters.

Bonus manga discussion rec! [personal profile] branchandroot talks about CLAMP's problems with women and with endings. I definitely have to agree with the discussion of women and girls getting the short end of the stick.

This morning my dad and I went to Philly to run in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K, in honor of my mom. I ran the whole thing straight through because I was worried that my leg would stiffen up if I took a walking break, so I managed to finish in about 33:30, which is quite a lot faster than the last 5K I ran (five minutes faster, roughly). As they say, boo-yah! This one's for you, Mom.

Also the course was nice--down the Parkway, back up Market Street to just past 30th Street Station, then over the bridge and back down around the Art Museum to the Eakins Oval. I do love Philly quite a lot.
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