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!!! page 01
War itself is my life.

Chapter 19: The Strongest Squad
!!! page 02
Radio: The targets are seven. Inside there are two contractors and two dolls.
The huge male contractor is an experimental battle-type machine called D-weapon.

Don't get careless and think little of him.

FX: Helicopter blades

Radio: As soon as you see the kid, kill him.

He has a dangerous ability.

And BK-201.
That one is formidable.

Catch him!

FX: Helicopter blades
!!! page 03
Vectrov: Probably

The invading squad is General Alexei's.

Hei: !
Reynaldo Alexei?

Parcel: You know him?

Hei: In South America he was called "the iron man."

Vectrof: We've known since the Heaven's War in South America that he hates completed contractors.

At a guess, he's number one within the group behind the black flower plot.

I didn't think it would be this soon, but this place is no longer safe.
They'll undoubtedly use their awakened subjects first.

Parcel: You said it'd be fine.

Hei: Do all of them have the power of the black flower…?
!!! page 04
Mina: Bu…but…

The awakened ability has an an individual basis.
They absolutely will be different from Azura-san's level…

Hei: The lethal strength of pros and amateurs is different.


Parcel: Hm?

Take everyone as far away from here as you can.

I'll deal with these guys here.

FX: Heavy footsteps

FX: Slam!

FX: Gun action
!!! page 05
Mina: Wa…

Please wait!

Why can't you run together?

With us…

Hei: This lot found this place easily.

If they're serious they'll follow you no matter where you hide.

All the more, if they have the power of the black flower.
If I don't stop them now, before they gain experience, they'll be trouble in the future.


Be quick!

Stay with these guys until I return.

Parcel: Sheesh--
!!! page 06
Parcel: Didn't I tell you it'd be all right?

I said this is a place that can't be entered without my ability.

FX: Pounding feet

Soldier: The door is welded shut.

Soldier: Leave it to me.
!!! page 07
FX: Explosion

FX: Metallic whoosh

FX: Cre-ack

FX: Bam

Hei: Don't be naive about these guys.
No matter what you did, they'll come here.
Do as I say, Parcel.

Parcel: They absolutely can't get in here from there.

FX: Guns up

Parcel: I said, here…
!!! page 08
Soldier: …!?

Sign: Dead end, idiots

Parcel: isn't really Umihotaru.

Mina: Huh!?

FX: Rattling

FX: Hmm

Soldier: We found the room empty, General.

There's no one here.
!!! page 09
Alexei: What!?

What about underground?

Soldiers: …

…There is no underground.
The tunnel is completely underwater.

FX: Kerplunk kerplunk

Perry: …

FX: Slam

Alexei: Shit.

Where did they vanish to?

Mina: …What do you mean, Parcel?
!!! page 10
Parcel: I can't tell you the real deal.

This place is my secret base.

Hei: Is it a lie that this place doesn't have any entrances or exits?
To make people think it's Umihotaru?

Parcel: Deceiving people is wrong.

Hei: You're a surprising brat.

Mina: …So in other words, you didn't trust us at all.
It's a little bit of a shock…

Parcel: Did you forget that I'm a contractor?

Contractors lie without emotion.

It's something I absolutely won't tell anyone.

FX: Chortling

Vectrof: …It's certainly a contractor way of thinking.

Hei: Yin.

Where are we really?

Parcel: Hey! No fair!!
Asking the doll!
!!! page 11
Soldiers: Withdrawal.

Let's go, Captain Perry.

Perry: Shut up.

Soldiers: ?
!!! page 12

FX: Loud silence

FX: Rustling

FX: Vibrations

FX: Kerplunk kerplunk kerplunk

FX: Rumbling

Soldiers: …Captain?

FX: Fast

FX: Crunch

FX: Scattering scattering

Perry: Follow my signal after ten minutes are up.

FX: Beep
!!! page 13
FX: Ca-plak

FX: Psh

Soldiers: Captain!

FX: Splash

FX: Blub blub blub

FX: Ominous
!!! page 14
Mina: A wind tower!?

Parcel: Ah, it's ruined.

That's right.
It's a huge ventilation tower in the middle of the aquarium tunnel!

Arrow: Umihotaru

Label: Kawasaki reclaimed "Wind Tower"

Text above: Tokyo Bay Aquarium

Below: Aqua tunnel

Arrow: Ukisho IC

Parcel: We're lodged right beneath that opening.

Mina: …Here wasn't underwater…

Hei: What would you do if they'd noticed?

Parcel: If they came from above Champ would sense it.
And then we could run.

FX: Clicking open

Parcel: Right--

FX: Creaking

Parcel: Look:
This is the tunnel's ventilation device.

FX: Wind howling

Parcel: It's not moving, and the inside is filled with water.
!!! page 15
Hei: Don't lie to me next time.

Parcel: At this point I won't lie!

Dolls: …

Hei: How do we get to the top of the man-made island?

Parcel: The entrance is closed, but over…
!!! page 16
FX: Realization

FX: Wham

Parcel: Huh?

FX: Whoosh
!!! page 17
FX: Crumbling

Parcel: !!?
My ear…!!

Champ: !

Yin: Hei.

FX: Chuck

Parcel: My ear's taken!

FX: Augh--

FX: Slam

Perry: I was aiming for your neck…

Hei: This guy…He swam within the tunnel…!

FX: Sudden

Hei: …!

FX: Glare

FX: Twisting

FX: Intent

Hei: What's his ability!?
!!! page 18
FX: Whistling

FX: Tearing

FX: Sharp twist

Hei: !!

FX: Slam-kick

Hei: …!

FX: Markedly

FX: Growling

FX: Fwish
!!! page 19
FX: Snap

FX: Landing

Perry: Sigh--

Hei: He's strong…!!

FX: Ka-chak

Dolls: !!?

Hei: Da…

FX: Bam Bam

FX: Whi-wham

!!! page 20
Champ: Guardian program activated.

FX: Hiss-snap

Perry: So that guy's…

FX: Rapid fire

FX: Screech

Perry: Indeed, he's tough.

FX: Sudden

FX: Landing

Hei: Even if his power is Asuka's model, and his movements are so preternaturally it's like he uses gravity, he's still human…

!!! page 21
Hei: This guy's reflexes

Are extraordinary!

Perry: As expected, BK-201.

There is only what the general has chosen to acknowledge.

Hei: ……!!


Get everyone away from here immediately!!

Parcel: But I…
Without my ears, my power…

Hei: You have spares?

Parcel: !

…I do!


They're in my bag.

Hei: Go get them!
!!! page 22
Parcel: Right!

FX: Footstep

Parcel: Let's go, you two.

Perry: Look out above.

Champ: !

FX: Ka-boom

Parcel: !!?

FX: Falling debris

Parcel: Waugh!

FX: Slam

FX: Slap slap

FX: Boom boom boom

FX: Drop-slam

FX: Thud thud

Perry: You're a strong guy.

Could you escape that well?

Hei: …amn.

FX: Boom
!!! page 23
Hei: ……

FX: Slithering

FX: Guns clattering

Soldier: Sorry for the wait, Perry.

FX: Beep beep beep

Perry: Don't sweat it, Cain.
!!! page 24
Perry: This guy's my prey.

You guys take care of the kid who ran inside.

Cain: ……Understood.

FX: Surprise

Hei: Wait.

All of you

Will die here.

Apparently Umihotaru is a parking garage on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. Reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay! It's where all the cool people hang out if you believe anime.
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