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!!! page 01
Watanuki: !!

Keep shooting.
!!! page 02
Doumeki: Got it.

FX: Spinning around

Watanuki: Sorry.
It's scary, huh.

FX: Snap

FX: Snap

But, him looking like that
Really is helping.

FX: Menacing roar

FX: Slowly
!!! page 03
FX: Sudden impact

Watanuki: See?
!!! page 04
Watanuki: It's all right.

FX: Snap

Watanuki: It's all right.

FX: Impact

FX: Screeech
!!! page 05
FX: Silence

Doumeki: Is it dispersed?

Watanuki: No.
!!! page 06
FX: Swift

FX: Spinning around

FX: Impact
!!! page 07
Doumeki: !

FX: Sudden

FX: Spinning around
!!! page 08-09
FX: Sudden impact

FX: Powerful splash

FX: Screeech

FX: Fog billowing
!!! page 10
Watanuki: Why did you shoot the sake bottle?

Doumeki: Though you'd reserved it, and weren't drinking it right away,
You deviously left it on the tray.

Besides, the crimson string around that bottle's mouth was a sealing technique.

Which means that that's miki, isn't it. [see TN]


Watanuki: Has the power of purification,

You did well.
!!! page 11
FX: Splash splash


FX: Rustling wind

Watanuki: …It's here.
!!! page 12-13
FX: Rustling wind

Doumeki: Is that…a rainbow?

Watanuki: No.

It's a bridge.
!!! page 14
Watanuki: It's come.
To get you.

FX: Slowly

Spirit: Not Mother?
!!! page 15
Watanuki: …No.

But I'm sure next time your mother will say,
"Thank you for being born."

Spirit: …
!!! page 16
Watanuki: So right now, cross that bridge and wait.

For the next time.

FX: Wafting
!!! page 17
FX: Slowly
!!! page 18
Doumeki: …Is it over?

Watanuki: …Yeah.

FX: Snaking movement

Watanuki: The request was satisfied.

The wish
Has been gra…
!!! page 19
FX: Door sliding

Mokona: You okay?

Doumeki: I am.

He's covered in wounds, like a long time ago.
!!! page 20
Mokona: Recently it's been unusual for Watanuki to be injured.

Doumeki: He was limited to defensive techniques.

Mokona: I see.

So he didn't have any attacks besides the aura of your bow, Doumeki.

How did Watanuki get like this

Doumeki: He was only protecting me and that child that I couldn't see, I think,

Excluding himself.

Mokona: …
!!! page 21
Doumeki: While I was shooting,
It was always like a small child.

Like it was probably scared.

If Watanuki had protected it with whatever he could in that state,

It might have felt rejected and become even more scared.

Mokona: I see.
!!! page 22
Mokona: Watanki's become able to grant requests.

He has Maru and Moro for the household, and you two, Doumeki, for work.

Watanuki knows that now.

So he'll be all right.

Doumeki: Yeah.
!!! page 23
Maru: Watanuki.

Moro: Watanuki.

Doumeki: I'm sorry
That I let him get hurt.

FX: Turning

FX: Turning

M&M: Thank you.

FX: Squeeze
!!! page 24
FX: Sliding down heavily

Doumeki: I thought I'd have gone into medical school at this point--

Mokona: Why didn't you go?

Doumeki: If I became a private physician, it'd be hard to follow his requests.


The wounds he bears can't be healed by medicine.
!!! page 25
Mokona: That's right.

FX: Slowly

Mokona: You both
Really did your best from midnight until dawn.

Rest well.
!!! page 26
Fortune-teller: I'm sorry,
Making you stop by on your way home from college.

FX: Click

Doumeki: Not at all.

Fortune-teller: Right.
I got her e-mail.

She's going shopping with friends before she comes home today.
She'll be a little bit later.
!!! page 27
Fortune-teller: It's good that your work's over too.
The beer and the glass are both cold.

FX: Pouring

Doumeki: Thank you.

FX: Drinking

Fortune-teller: You're as good a drinker as ever.

Kimihiro-kun seems the same as ever as well.

It seems you did a very tough job,
This time.

Doumeki: You know of it?
!!! page 28
Fortune-teller: I don't know the details,

It was a request.

I see.
So that sort of thing happened?

That was tough,
For Kimihiro-kun and for you, Shizuka-kun.
!!! page 29
Doumeki: When I rest, I recover immediately,
But Watanuki…

Fortune-teller: You had an e-mail telling you not to come to the store, huh.

Doumeki: Yes.

Fortune-teller: Kohane-chan got one of them too.
It said that he was resting for a little bit, and not to worry.

SInce there's nothing that can heal those wounds but Kimihiro-kun's own power.

DoumekI: What manner of existence was that child I couldn't see?
!!! page 30
Fortune-teller: That child

Wasn't able to be born.

Due to illness or accident.

A life that flowed away at someone's convenience.
!!! page 31
Doumeki: That Watanuki didn't let us see it…

Fortune-teller: He must have thought that if you saw it, it'd be hard for you.
That child's form.

Especially since Kohane-chan is a girl.
If she'd understood the explanation for that child, it'd have been even worse.

Doumeki: …Watanuki told that child,
"I don't want you to be taken from the place you want to be at people's convenience anymore. "
!!! page 32
Fortune-teller: It hadn't been born yet, then.

I don't know the circumstances, but

It must have been looking forward to being able to go out into this world from within its mother's belly.

I'm glad it made it to Kimihiro-kun's shop.

Because children who keep losing their way
…Are caught.

Those children.
They don't know what's best to do.

Because they die without learning anything.
!!! page 33
Fortune-teller: Whom they should listen to,
Where they should go,

They get confused.

While they're confused, they become more lonelier, and they're called.

Doumeki: Was that that hand?

Fortune-teller: It seems they're not always in the shape of a hand.
!!! page 34
Doumeki: What was that?

Fortune-teller: What indeed.

It's certain that various things conglomerate, and it's difficult to know what to name it.

It's not a good thing.

If those hands broke through the shop's kekkai, they'd be considerable.



!!! page 35
Fortune-teller: Those things become a problem,
And join with similar things, and get bigger.

When they get even bigger, they try to join together with someone.

Doumeki: So, wanting that child…

Fortune-teller: They want to devour those children's hearts.

A infant that's just born is still completely new. It has no ill feelings whatsoever.
!!! page 36
Fortune-teller: But,
Chilrden are even more innocent before they're born.

Since those feelings truly are strong,
They think them with all that strength.

Since no one came to pick it up, it was angry that it couldn't be born.

If it had been taken by that thing, there would have been no next time.

Doumeki: Next
!!! page 37
Fortune-teller: A chance to be able to go out into this world again.

I think.

Watanuki: So right now, cross that bridge and wait.

For the next time.

Doumeki: …Where did that child go when it crossed the bridge?
!!! page 38
Fortune-teller: Who knows.

People who've come close to death before and been saved
Say that they crossed a bridge and came back.

Doumeki: There's also a legend about a bridge
That connects [this life] and [the next].

Fortune-teller: You've become like a teacher in school.

Doumeki: I'm an assistant, not a teacher.

I'm sorry
For asking you all these things.

Fortune-teller: Not at all.
If you do it now, you'll understand Kimihiro-kun better.
!!! page 39
Doumeki: I had an email from that Watanuki about some sort of errand.

Fortune-teller: Yes, yes.

There's something he wants you to deliver.

Doumeki: What is it?

Fortune-teller: It's not here.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to go get it.

Doumeki: Right.
Is it all right to tell him that you took care of it?

Fortune-teller: It's not from me.
!!! page 40
Watanuki: I keep telling you,

Why do you have to come in through the garden, use the front door.

Doumeki: You're not mad?
I didn't get an email telling me to come or anything.

Watanuki: …Well,
You understood it.
!!! page 41
Doumeki: You had word?

Watanuki: Not from Obaa-san.

Doumeki: …

I took care of this.

It's the antique shop.

Where you delivered the birdcage, in the past.

Watanuki: Yeah.
Those birds that could only be seen by moonlight.

How was the store-owner doing?
!!! page 42
Doumeki: The wand is attached, but it's been worn.

Watanuki: I see.

Doumeki: I think it's for you.

Watanuki: I see.

A smoking tray, huh?

He noticed that I couldn't smoke
While that child was here.
!!! page 43
Doumeki: So then that was?

Watanuki: The price for waiting together until that child was retrieved.

Doumeki: Who sent it?

FX: Rustling

Watanuki: Well,
I wonder who.

I'm not making fun of you.
I really don't know either.

FX: Smoke, slowly
!!! page 44
Watanuki: Where, who--
No, what, maybe.

Obaa-san was told by divination
To use you,

And you stopped by the antique shop] for this.

That's all.
!!! page 45
Watanuki: If you ask more than that, you'll have to pay a price again.

So I'll take it like this.

FX: Exhaling

Watanuki: What?
!!! page 46
Doumeki: Nothing.
There are things that you can't know, too.

Watanuki: Of course.

Now then.

FX: Slowly

Since that miki was no good, you'll have to use something else.
!!! page 47
Doumeki: If it's sake, make it good.

Watanuki: I said I got it.

Maru, Moro--
Help me out here.

M&M: Right!
!!! page 48
DoumekI: …Next time,
Be happy.

TN: 'Miki' is sake that's been dedicated at a shrine. This can range from the bottle shown in the manga to full-size barrels donated by companies.

Wow, has this series turned into Mushishi for the BL-minded josei, or what? I can't think of a plotline more guaranteed to strike a chord with the Japanese readership than what the spirit Watanuki was protecting turned out to be.

Oh, what Doumeki has given up for Watanuki. I wonder whether, and how much, Watanuki knows, or suspects. I also wonder whether it matters to him.
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