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!!! page 01
Dolls will certainly not betray you.

Chapter 22: Champion
!!! page 02
FX: Wham


FX: Whizz


FX: Machinery whirring


Personel: Assault group squad leader Captain William Perry: heart rate 10% increase.
Awakening level 4.3%.

He's in an agitated state.
!!! page 03
Nishijima: He's overwhelming that "Black Reaper."
Ha ha ha.

The power of the black dandelion really is the real thing.

We've lost more soldiers than i thought at the beginning, but…
That too is necessary.

Dude: Right now I want a lot more data.

FX: Sudden

FX: Biting

Nishijima: Doctor Etou.
What's the status of the black dandelion?

Etou: Co-co-Commander Nishijima!

A-a-amazing, it's surprising!
!!! page 04
Etou: L-l-look at this root!

From the outside it's al-al-almost like the dandelion is absorbing something…
Hee hee.

FX: Bubbling

Etou: Its li-life power is increasing, and it keeps growing!

Nishijima: …Is the capsule all right?

Etou: Of course!

The only su-su-surprise is its speed.

That this would happen is outside our pr-pr-predictions.

On the other hand!
Leveraging that speed, there's a gr-gr-great chance we'll be able to clone it!
!!! page 05
Etou: …I can start as soon as I receive permission.

I'll make ten times…no, one hundred times the current quantity
Of awakening material!

Nishijima: …All right.
You have permission.

…But, you absolutely must not kill the dandelion.

Etou: Th-that's…of course!

Nishijima: If you let the flower die, you'll end up like Nina Kandaswami.

FX: Boop

Etou: Right…



So, she's dead.


It makes no difference to me…
Hee hee.

Nishijima: What's the remaining time for the soldiers' awakening?

Headphones: The Harvest pursuit squad has 60 minutes,
And the Umi-Hotaru assault squad has 30 minutes.
!!! page 06
Headphones guy: It's possible to prolong it with an additional dose, but that's physically and mentally dangerous.

Nishijima: …They'd better hurry.

Right then.

FX: Bullets nicking the wall

FX: Ka-chunk

FX: Gun rattling

Soldier: He's tough.

FX: Automatic gunfire

Soldier: Yeah…But he's hunted down.

Contact says beyond that is…

FX: Gunfire

FX: Slam

FX: Rip

FX: Ka-thunk

Parcel: Ah!
!!! page 07
Parcel: A toilet!?

It's a…
A dead end.

I wasn't aware of this…


FX: Being thrown

Champ: !


FX: Slam

Parcel: Champ!?

!!! page 08
FX: Thump



Yin: …

FX: Ka-boom

Parcel: Augh!



FX: Collapsing

FX: Crumbling

Soldiers: Yeah!

Got him!

!!! page 09
FX: Menacing atmosphere

Soldiers: ……

FX: Gun action

Cain: Sorry for the wait.

You get him?

…What the hell is that…

FX: Smoking
!!! page 10
FX: Flash

Champ: Object protection program: highest priority.

Full-force mode.

FX: Whirr

FX: Whooshing step

Cain: Machine monster!

FX: Gunfire

FX: Bullets ricocheting

FX: Gunfire
!!! page 11
FX: Pounding

Parcel: Don't overdo it, Champ!


Champ: Move away from the door.

FX: Bullets ricocheting

Champ: To a safe place.

It is prohibited to enter here.

FX: Bullets pinging

Parcel: Champ!

FX: Gunfire

Cain: Tch.

5.56mm bullets won't reveal his limits.

FX: Shove

Cain: Hold on.

I'll slice him up with my power.

FX: Glare

FX: Clench
!!! page 12
Cain: Eat this.

FX: Boom boom boom

FX: Slam slam slam

FX: Crumbling

FX: Thrum

FX: Thrumming

FX: Whirring

Cain: Is he invulnerable?

Nishijima: No.
Continue your attack, sub-leader Cain.

Cain: That voice… Commander.

Nishijima: Its body is made from titanium ally and carbon nanotubes.
In its shock absorption structure and phase, its strength is like a tank.
!!! page 13
Nishijima: At the least, it's a defective article whose rejection has been decided by the research group.

It has a fatal flaw.

Cain: Flaw?

Nishijima: Yes.
As high-end as its machine components are, there's a problem it can't avoid.


Cain: Heat……

Nishijima: Watch.

Why won't it move from that spot?

From a capability standpoint, it would certainly be better to come out and shoot.

But it can't.

It cannot move from that spot.
!!! page 14
Nishijima: It's proof that the temperature of its machine components

FX: Steaming

Is already close to physically dangerous levels.

FX: Air moving

FX: Whirring

FX: Slam

FX: Whirring

Cain: Ha ha. I see.

In other words, if I make it move, its innards'll be that much closer to death.

Is that it?
!!! page 15
Cain: In that case, talk is cheap.

FX: Clench

FX: Running footsteps

Cain: At close quarters,

I'll increase its body weight to the limit.

My ability's
Name is "egotistical repulsiion."


FX: Blazing

Parcel: Champ!

FX: Thuump

FX: Crackling
!!! page 16
FX: Thump…

Nishijima: All right.

This is all taken care of.

Connect me to the general next.

FX: Thump

Parcel: Champ!

FX: Thud



FX: Crushed

Parcel: My ears…

If I had my ears, it wouldn't be like this…

FX: Thump

Parcel: …That's right!

Give me your hands a moment.
!!! page 17
FX: Popping up

Parcel: Right!

Yin: ……

FX: Sudden

Parcel: It's no good…

FX: Rolling around

If they're not proper ears…

FX: Thud

FX: Crackling

FX: Th-thud

Parcel: The ventilation shaft entrance…

FX: Patter

Parcel: That's it.
!!! page 18
Parcel: Ack--

FX: Sawing

FX: Falling

FX: Crackling

Parcel: Wait here.

FX: Th-thud

Parcel: Yeah……
Wait for me, Champ.

As soon as I grab my replacement ears I'll come back to save you.

FX: Boom boom

Cain: You don't intend to move from there for anything, huh?

FX: Boom

Cain: How about if you collapse?

FX: Boom
!!! page 19
FX: Boom

Cain: How about this?

FX: Crumbling

FX: Boom

FX: Crumbling

Cain: How about this?

How about this?

FX: Boom

FX: Crackling

Parcel: Hang in there,

What are you doing, BK-201?

Your doll is in a pinch too.

FX: Swiftly
!!! page 20
Barry: The kid fled through the ducts.

The man-sized doll is desperately strong, but it's just a bug.

Should I follow the kid?

Seems like he plans to regain his powers,
But that'll be dangerous.

This guy's stubbornness was considerable, but--

Now then… 

FX: Click (chambering a round)

FX: Rustling

Hei: …
!!! page 21
Hei: There is only one chance.

Maxley: You can hear me, right?

It's me, Maxley.

Give BK-201 the finish and join up with the squad.

Annhilate the survivors.

You've got a little more than 10 minutes.

Hei: Don't get cocky.
There is no chance to run.

Maxley: After ten minutes, this place will be destroyed regardless of whether there are survivors.

That's it.

Barry: You heard the man, BK-201.

…Even if I say that, you're not listening.

Hei: Concentrate.
!!! page 22-23
FX: Clatter

Parcel: Augh!

Soldiers: Huh?

Parcel: Damn it…

FX: Slam

Cain: Breathing hard

You been roasted good yet?

Barry: Die.

FX: Gaping

Hei: It's you who will die!
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