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First, on the pingbacks front, [personal profile] helens78 has established that pingbacks break friends-lock when you edit entries. Lovely!

[personal profile] eumelia has code by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox which will allow you to disable the crossposting buttons on your journal, not just on your comment boxes.

LJ and FB have signed some sort of integration deal to offer LJ services to FB users, so this probably isn't going away. According to [ profile] cleolinda, if you enable FB crossposting, your FB (legal, presumably) name will appear on your LJ profile page.

This afternoon I enabled search engine inclusion on this DW, and minimized it on this LJ. I don't think most people will notice a difference--comments will still be enabled on all translation posts, I will still post translations simultaneously to both journals--but the LJ has been a secondary journal for a while now. At some point in the next week or so I'll finish putting all my translation links in my DW journal sidebar, as well as pruning a lot of private and f-locked content off the LJ, and that will be that.
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