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L'shanah tovah! Eid mubarak!

Speaking of Eid, [community profile] eid_ka_chand is running its Eid-al-thon fanworks challenge, which is being sponsored to raise money for flood survivors in Pakistan. There's a little less than 48 hours left--if you can contribute a drabble, or a microvid, or some icons or meta focusing on Muslim characters in fandom, please do!

Also, [personal profile] wistfuljane is organizing a Most Awesome Asian Characters & Celebrities fest in honor of Trung Thu, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Go check it out! Comment! Contribute!

And finally, the OTW will be hosting a one-year birthday party for the Archive of Our Own on September 13, midnight to midnight UTC. More details at the post--party attendees will get commemorative graphics and door prizes, and there will be cool new features launched too. I'll be there at some point myself.
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