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Related to the last post, via [personal profile] crossedwires, an interview with Hiromi Goto! I can't wait to read Chorus of Mushrooms.

Black, Holly. The Poison Eaters. Easthampton, MA: Big Mouth House, 2010.

This is the first collection of Holly Black's short stories to appear in print, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The stories tend to be wittier and a bit fleeter on their feet than her novels, which is a function of the form more than anything else, I think; they're certainly no less dark than her books, which I enjoy since I enjoy the North Jersey Gothic atmosphere of her books.

It's hard to pick a favorite in here: I particularly liked "In Vodka Veritas," which features the immortal line, "Dude, the Latin Club is totally evil" and is I believe set at the same central Jersey private boarding school as White Cat. "The Land of Heart's Desire" follows Black's trilogy of Modern Faerie Tales and checks in on Roiben and Corny, two of my favorite characters; it's particularly noteworthy for being partiall from Roiben's point of view. I also really liked "The Coat of Stars" and the title story, but really, they're all pretty great (particularly "A Reversal of Fortune" and "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown"). Several feature queer protagonists, while others are set entirely in secondary worlds; I want more of both. In the meantime, bring on Red Glove!
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