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I'll finish 32 and 33 as soon as possible. Simple Scans is always looking for donations to cover costs.

!!! page 01
Chapter 31: To the Inside of the Light
!!! page 02
FX: Wham wham wham

FX: Swift

Harvest: Why do you flee,

Black Reaper?

Is my powers's resonance blasting things away

That horrible?
!!! page 03
FX: Swinging

FX: Fast

FX: Slam

FX: Crumbling

Hei: Ngh--

Harvest: Who are you afraid of involving?

Just like then--

FX: Slam

FX: Crumbling

Harvest: Then in that case why did you bring them along?

Why didn't you cut them loose?
!!! page 04
Harvest: I knew you in South America.

FX: Sudden

Harvest: Back then you were more cold-blooded and merciless than anyone, a killing machine.

Literally Death.

That's what you were.

Now that you've become a contractor,

FX: Air moving

Harvest: Why do you walk the opposite road?

FX: Slam

FX: Whoosh

FX: Whoosh

Harvest: Is that

The true nature of what you have that I don't?
!!! page 05
FX: Boom

FX: Shaking

FX: Slap

FX: Whoosh

FX: Shaking

Kiyoko: !

FX: Shattering

FX: Thudding
!!! page 06
FX: Shuddering

Bodyguard: Augh!

Bodyguard: Commander!

Abigail: Run!

FX: Thudding

FX: Crumbling

Misaki: Ugh.

FX: Thud

Misaki: The building's…

FX: Rumbling

FX: Rumbling

FX: Rumbling

Kiyoko: They're messing it up.

FX: Sparse scattering

Kiyoko: Does that man intend to destroy the whole building?
!!! page 07
Kiyoko: Well,

Since I have the flowers, even if that happens, my body will be protected.

The wind and the shock just now have made all the remaining seeds fly with a good feeling.

In the wind's direction, first is…


Azusa: !

Kiyoko: Yokohama will be engulfed in chaos.

FX: Breathing
!!! page 08
Woman: ?

FX: Barking

FX: Wind blowing

FX: Gentle touch

FX: Shivering

FX: Opening

Kiyoko: It's not just the wind bearing the seeds.

With fear as the trigger, there will be individual variation in the time until awakening--that's the incubation.
People's movements will further increase the flowers' dispersal.

By car,

By boat,

By airplane.
!!! page 09
Kiyoko: The flowers' dispersal cannot be stopped.

The world and the flowers will become one.

And everyone will know my existence.

Man: ……

FX: Slam


Zombie FX: Grr


Man: !!?
!!! page 10
FX: Staring

FX: Urgh

FX: Gnashing

People: Augh

FX: Gnashing

FX: Slam

Man: Aauugh!

Azusa: Stop!

You said you promised, so this…

Kiyoko: A promise alone isn't a reason. As a countermeasure against this ability's price…
With many more people knowing, I can preserve this existence longer.

Or do you think that it would be better if I disappeared again?

Azusa: No…

Kiyoko: There is already so much solitude.
!!! page 11
Kiyoko: Not being known by anyone, not even understanding yourself,
Within the darkness, only thoughts turning around.

Those thoughts are now…

Azusa: …But will this really make everyone know you?

Think about it!

Kiyoko: ……

Azusa: One-sidedly peering at your heart, damaging and manipulating it--
But no one can touch your heart,
Or be told anything.

That's just pointless!
!!! page 12
Azusa: …I can't remember now, but
I understand the huge size of the hole that all of Kyou-chan's memories have become.

My…happy memories are almost all full of holes…
And all of my difficult memories.
If I can make them return, I want to.

With your current plan, they were forgotten, and the hole won't open up…

It won't be noticed, either.

You'll be come even more alone.

Though my own existence isn't much to me,
The Kyou-chan who was inside me…

She wasn't like you now in the slightest!
!!! page 13
FX: Whoosh

FX: Slam

Azusa: Augh!

FX: Slump

Kiyoko: You don't remember anything, so don't just say whatever.

Are you saying that you understand anything about the real me?

FX: Snaking around
!!! page 14
Kiyoko: I know all about how you thought about me.
I said that even though I assembled this body, your memories were necessary too.

That is one aspect of me that I don't know.
The awful parts and all were necessary.

You disliked a lot of things about me.

It was a bit of a shock.

There were things about you that I disliked too,
But I couldn't believe you thought about me that way.

FX: Pressing and rolling

Azusa: Aaauugh!
!!! page 15
Kiyoko: You made fun of my way of running, said it was weird.

FX: Rolling

FX: Shuddering

Azusa: Tha…that hurts!

Kiyoko: I hated your stupidly thick porny legs.
And your pride in their appearance.

That good-for-nothing was tempted by these legs too, right?

FX: Squeezing

Azusa: St…op it!!!

FX: Wind blowing

FX: Crumble

Harvest: ……
!!! page 16
FX: Whoosh

FX: Slam

FX: Swinging

FX: Whip-slam!
!!! page 17
FX: Slam slam





Harvest: I know what you're thinking.

Adjusting the electric shock without influencing the circuit…
By hitting me, you'll give me damage…

FX: Crumble

Harvest: But it's pointless.

Even if you're wearing electricity, you won't be able to completely prevent the decomposition.

FX: Slam

Harvest: As much as wheat flower is ground up as most as possible by a pumice stone,
All the more your power won't adjust for it.

FX: Falling apart

Harvest: Give up.
!!! page 18
Harvest: Our showdown


Couldn't turn out any way other than this.

Hei: Ngh.

FX: Tingling

Harvest: *shouting*

FX: Crumbling

FX: Slam slam

FX: Bumped and pitted
!!! page 19
Harvest: Aaaaahhh!

FX: Shuddering

Yin: Don't lose.

Hei: ……

FX: Screeching

Kiyoko: ……

When the seeds have flow, he has no restraint, that man…

FX: Blowing up

Azusa: !
!!! page 20-21
Kiyoko: Yup,
These should be fine for gliding and landing.

FX: Rustling

Kiyoko: I don't want to lose this body as well, like that time at the tower.

Azusa: ……

Kiyoko: It's a good day to fly.

FX: Rustling

Kiyoko: Later, Azusa.

This is our parti…
!!! page 22-23
FX: Flash

!!! page 24-25
FX: Thud

FX: Crumple

Kiyoko: Ugh.


The meteor shard…

!!! page 26
Kiyoko: Without that, all the flowers can't be manipulated…

FX: Grab

Kiyoko: L--
Let me go!

Azusa: No!

Kiyoko: *gasp*

FX: Blazing

Misaki: …This light--

Commander: Wha--

Abigail: !

Misaki: !

You two!
!!! page 27
FX: Crackling

Hei: ……

FX: Flaring

FX: Empty
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