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What I've been thinking of as my vacation from my feels-like-a-vacation, quacks-like-a-summer-program summer in Japan is drawing to a close. Tomorrow (later today technically) I'll take a bus over the Akashi-Kaikyo and Ônaruto bridges back to Kansai, and then on Wednesday afternoon I leave KIX for OAK via SEA. (I have the name of a beer lounge at SEA with Mac & Jack's African Amber on tap, though, so I'm all set for my layover at least.) It's been relaxing, and quite enjoyable; so relaxing in fact that I managed to miss two straight OTW meetings. *facepalm* The Awa Odori is pretty awesome, though!

There will be many posts forthcoming in future, I hope; suffice it to say that thanks to [ profile] swan_tower and K and [ profile] loanwords and D I've had an awesome week and a half. The new semester, which starts in a week and a half, is already looming in front of me; it's going to be intense, but hopefully a lot of fun. And I swear I'm going to read more this fall.

On the Dreamwidth front, [personal profile] yvi is looking for feedback on the idea for a non-native English celebration fest.

As [personal profile] copracat reminded me, Dreamwidth's diversity policy is explicit, and worth a reread. The Dreamwidth that's my second home welcomes all users regardless of language or writing system, among countless other variables.

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