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I don't even know anymore.

Dear Yuletide writer,

First, thank you so much for participating in Yuletide this year! Second, thank you for agreeing to write a story in a fandom we both love, or at least remember fondly. I'm genuinely interested to see what caught other fans' interests about all of these sources, so please don't feel that my prompts are too binding. I'd rather have an inspired story than slavish devotion to my requests. If you're looking for more of a sense of me and my tastes, skimming through the last twenty entries on my DW will probably give you a good idea; most of the entries in general are unlocked.

I hesitate to say what I do or don't like in fic--I don't have any major squicks, and no firm principles as to what I will or won't read. That said, it's my general sentiment that Yuletide is not the place to go looking for PWP, at least for me; which isn't to say that I wouldn't want sexytimes, as it were, in any story you write, but which is to say that I generally like my sexytimes to go along with plot and characterization. And as you may have guessed from these requests, I do really like women being awesome. In some ways, really, my own fics demonstrate both these preferences very well.

Magic School Bus

So, I kind of want the crossover or fusion where Ms. Frizzle is a Time Lord. You know it would be awesome, dear writer! You know it.

Failing that, since optional details are optional, I'd just like to know more about the Frizz, at any point in time.

Yup, Ms. Frizzle, I love her, and her shoes and her dresses and her unflappable enthusiasm for hands-on learning, which now that I am a TA I appreciate even more as quasi-miraculous. Um. So yeah, the Frizz--even if she isn't a Time Lord, what does she do at the end of the school day? Where do she and Liz and the school bus go on the weekends? What will they do after the kids have finally moved on and up out of third grade?

Jazz Kings

It's a wide-open world. Tell me a story (preferably with a few awesome ladies).

Yup, once again, I suspect I'm a fandom of one here. But look how awesome it is1920s Harlem done right! You know you want to write something, preferably featuring awesome ladies!

Darkwing Duck

Given that just about every other superhero has gotten a reboot in the past few years, I think it's high time that Darkwing Duck got his. Anything from the actual reboot story itself to the meta story of how it does (or doesn't) get made in Hollywood would be cake to me.

I loved this show when I was a kid. Darkwing is such a lovable egomaniac, and as I recall I really liked Gosling, and Darkwing's nemesis, with the eyebrows! Actually, one of the other things I really liked was the crossover aspect with the cartoon about Scrooge and his nephews. Sometimes I also find myself saying, "Someone fell into Devil's Gorge and has a compound fracture of the lower mandible?!" to myself, which shows that I quite enjoyed the Justice Ducks crossover too. So, you know, any zany hijinks would be awesome, is what I'm saying.

Mary Poppins

Clearly Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. Discuss. (Or Jane has an interlude as a companion? Or Mary Poppins takes the children on an outing in the TARDIS?)

I don't know, Yuletide writer, I seem to have female Time Lords on the brain. Optional details are optional, so if we matched on this and you don't know or care about Doctor Who, I'll happily read about Mary Poppins being awesome all day long.

In retrospect, these requests are clearly inspired by my dislike for Doctor Who's handling of its female characters in the most recent season. *sigh* Well, like I said, Mary Poppins doesn't need to be a Time Lord to be awesome, and I would greatly enjoy reading anything about her--perhaps even how Mary would deal with being a nanny in 2011 London (the crunchier the better, as always).
Taken all together, these seem sort of random, and I guess they are; for me the fun of Yuletide is just as much in the giving as in the receiving. I hope the same goes for you, and that you can find something in here to tickle your fancy.

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