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My dad never lost power, making him one of only 600K people in Jersey who still have it. I heard from my friends in Toms River this morning; no power of course, but they're all right. I think their neighbor's house may be in the bay. Or the bay is in it. Not clear from their text messages. If it's in the bay it's probably part of the debris blocking the bridge.

That helicopter video going around is the barrier island directly east, Seaside Heights. I go there every summer and have since I was born. Whole swaths of it are just gone. I haven't heard about the carousel, which my mother loved, but I doubt it's still there. Apparently the roads to LBI are still impassable. I wouldn't be surprised if the lighthouse is now an island. In fact I suspect most of the barrier islands look profoundly different than they did on Sunday.

The upshot is that the Shore, which is the heart of the state, has been smashed and permanently reshaped - until the next time. Like our esteemed governor, I know we'll be all right, but it hurts.

Ditto New York City. Hang in there, everyone.

I wore my New Jersey shirt today, in solidarity.
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