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Dear Yuletide writer,

First, thank you so much for participating in Yuletide this year! Second, thank you for agreeing to write a story in a fandom we both love, or at least remember fondly. I'm genuinely interested to see what caught other fans' interests about all of these sources, so please don't feel that my prompts are too binding. I'd rather have an inspired story than slavish devotion to my requests. If you're looking for more of a sense of me and my tastes, skimming through the last twenty entries on my DW will probably give you a good idea; most of the entries in general are unlocked.

I hesitate to say what I do or don't like in fic--I don't have any major squicks, and no firm principles as to what I will or won't read. That said, it's my general sentiment that Yuletide is not the place to go looking for PWP, at least for me; which isn't to say that I wouldn't want sexytimes, as it were, in any story you write, but which is to say that I generally like my sexytimes to go along with plot and characterization. And as you may have guessed from these requests, I do really like women being awesome. In some ways, really, my own fics demonstrate both these preferences very well.

Looper (2012)

I want the story where Suzie takes over the crime syndicate in Kansas City after everybody else bites it. (Or, Piper Perabo's abs don't lie.) Abe is listed because he's hilarious. Everything else is gravy.

My review of the movie, with further blathering about my thoughts and critiques, is on my journal.

Olympic Opening Ceremony (2012)

I sort of picked characters at random here - I'd love fic about any or all of the ones who were nominated. The Opening Ceremony was amazing, and zany, and I'd love to see what you can come up with, dear author, particularly as relates to its determination to question whether the Industrial Revolution was really a Good Thing. And also James Bond, and then Mary Poppinses fighting Voldemort. If you can come up with a through line to stitch that together, dear author, I want to read it.

This vid by [personal profile] quinara actually shows off really well a lot of what I liked about the spectacle - see our comments in the entry.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

I could not resist requesting this one. I don't care what the movie does; how awesome is the concept? Gretel, and Hansel: together, they fight crime witches! (And given that Gemma Atherton was in St. Trinian's too, there might be a cool crossover here somewhere…)

The Flower Fairies

I have fond memories of the flower fairies, but if you can find some way to revisionist this up, dear author, I'd be all over that. (Characters nominated at random; any and all fairies are acceptable.)

Taken all together, these seem sort of random, and I guess they are; for me the fun of Yuletide is just as much in the giving as in the receiving. I hope the same goes for you, and that you can find something in here to tickle your fancy.

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