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I was really pleased to realize that I've written and posted more than twenty-one finished fanfics. I just need to acknowledge that I am not anywhere near as prolific as some other people I know.

It's ridiculously obvious which of these was posted unedited to tumblr. Also, I found a typo in one of these lines while doing this, so that's a win.

All fic at my AO3 account.

# Magnus has survived thirty-two bouts in the arena by the time he makes it to Rome herself, under, he was assured, the eyes of the emperor on this particular day.

# It is a common observation in life that some people have all the luck.

# When I emerged from my finals cave it was already December 20.

# Raven starts awake in the pre-dawn from another shifting dream, Irene's arms warm around her the first thing she feels, a living reminder that she's gained as well as lost.

# I am not sure that I can venture to predict your reaction to the news this letter will bear you, but I am certain that I would prefer you hear it from me rather than from rumor.

# Huang Cuifeng arrived at the party, her new maid Ailin in tow, just past the tolling of the second dinner hour.

# None of which is to say that Charles' hopes for secrecy are achieved without blood.

# Charles. Oh my love, the words echo in Charles' mind as Erik thuds onto the mattress beside him, a cruel mockery.

# Belisaere, Lirael thought--and not for the first time--was large.

# And before he could stop her, Mary reached out and swung herself across the gap onto the chain link ladder.

# The word from the daylight side of the court is that the sovereign has begun declaring that he would like to commission an anthology of poetry, collecting the best of the songs that have been composed in our realm, past and present.

# Today in the Nine Markets I came across a new stall, operated by a foreigner evidently, selling all manner of birds and animals in cages.

# Will already knew what Susan's will said, at least in outline; after all, he'd helped her to draft it, and agreed years ago to be her executor.

# A Brazilian scientist had already invented the technology that would become known as Time Leap when Kousuke and Kaho finally got married, just after they turned thirty-two.

# It's one of the first things any newcomer to the mansion--after the accreditation paperwork is finally approved, any new student at the school--realizes for themselves, or has explained to them by their older, vastly wiser peers after a few days: Professor X and Magneto are together.

# Although the Owls of Narnia have been noted more for their contributions as philosophers and, occasionally, historians, the eldest chick of the court historian Glimfeather, Solwing, was something of a renegade from the start, choosing poetry over philosophy and making noted contributions to Narnian literature in the years between Prince Rilian's enchantment and enthronement.

# When the four-leaf died, Ran knew, because he felt it.

Vexing things--When something petty that one has said finds its way back to the ears of the person in question.

# Things that enliven a winter's day--The guileless chatter of a small child.

# They don't know each other, at least as far as everyone within a five-mile radius of LAX and most especially one Robert Michael Fischer, Jr., is concerned, but unlike in the dream, everything after they touch down goes according to plan: they deplane and make their way through immigration before reclaiming their bags prior to going through customs without the slightest hitch.

# “Well, no, Artoo, of course I didn’t mean you. You’re one of the good ones!”
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