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Obligatory disclaimer: I'm fine.

So I got doored on my way back from a housewarming party on Friday night and spent about four hours in the ER on Saturday morning. "Doored" means that I was biking along and a guy opened his driver's side door in front of my bike. I don't remember what happened because I blacked out for a few seconds and regained consciousness on the ground amongst the shattered safety glass of the window: I hit on my head, I think (I was wearing a helmet, or I wouldn't be writing this entry now), and the left side of my face--my left nostril fountained blood for a while--and I had lacerations on my left hand and the right side of my stomach, as well as bruises and cuts on both arms/sides of my torso. But the bottle of wine in my bag didn't break, go figure.

The people who hit me with the door were very nice; after I was less in shock they drove me to the hospital and sat with me while I was triaged; while they went to go look for the wife's phone, I called my roommate N, who came and sat with me and then drove me home at 4:45. The nurses at the hospital were on strike, so we had scab nurses from Alabama who were very nice but didn't know where things were and didn't have badges to get in and out of the wards, so that slowed things down. I wound up getting 13 stitches, 10 in my stomach and three in my hand. The nurse who cleaned my wounds was like, "Biking at night is dangerous!" and I think I actually said, "Well dude, I had a helmet and lights, what do you want from me?"

When we finally left the hospital the parking garage bill was $15.75 for three hours and they didn't take credit cards and I only had $13 cash, which thankfully was enough for them to let us leave the parking garage. Afterward, this was pretty hilarious.

The guy who hit me with the door bought me a new helmet and got my bike fixed yesterday (Saturday afternoon). My stitches will come out in 10-14 days. I think I may start wearing bike gloves; I suspect the laceration on my hand (which was a lot deeper than the ones on my stomach, the doctor said I could actually have done without stitches in my stomach, but shouldn't) might not have happened or been much less bad if I had been wearing gloves. And definitely the cuts on my right knuckles would not have happened.

There are a lot of bloodstains on my messenger bag now (they complement the coffee stains), and as I was riding over on BART last night this dude sitting across from me was clearly checking out the bloodstains and my bandaged hand and cut knuckles and bruised face and judging me. Screw you, dude.

But last night I had dinner with a lovely crew of people ([personal profile] marina, [personal profile] epershand, [personal profile] kuwdora, [personal profile] nextian, and J who's not on DW) and then we gathered even more people unto us and watched XMFC and played the X-Men: First Glass drinking game and I cannot convey how much awesome it was, seriously. ♥
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