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Well, as of today I have read 55 books in 2013. That number is the lowest since I started counting five years ago, and represents less than half of my 2010 total of 101 (my highest thus far is still 2009, with 139). I even went the whole month of October without reading anything, which sounds about right, if depressing.

Nineteen of those books were by chromatic authors, which represents slightly less than 35% of the total; that is a slight improvement on last year, when the numbers were 19/62 or a little less than 31% of the total. With these numbers and a 10% selection rate, I should be picking five or six books as the year's best.
So, 2013!

Places traveled:
- Toronto in April, for a conference! I'd never been to Canada before, and it was lovely, and I got to meet/hang out with some cool people, and it was a good conference.
- Wiscon, Sirens, Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits. ♥

Shows seen: 
- Janelle Monáe
- FUN.
- Fall Out Boy
- Vienna Teng
- Dessa
- Night Vale Live

I think the best decision I made all year was to get my wisdom teeth out in June. It cost me nearly $1000 out of pocket, but not having wisdom teeth has really made me much happier on a day to day basis, so it was totally worth it. I was also able to restart wearing my top retainer, so I have now mostly saved my parents' investment in my braces, which is a definite bonus.

I'm still in grad school. I did a lot of work this year (see above re: not reading any books in October) and I expect that I will be working very hard through at least next June. Although I'm much more disillusioned with my department than I was this time last year, for the time being at least I'm still committed to staying the course. California continues to be a weird combination of the awesome and the annoying, but the many awesome friends I have there, and Berkeley Bowl, make it all worth it. ♥

I anticipate a lot of changes in 2014. My father is talking about trying to sell the house, my sister is spending the year abroad in Austria, and I will be moving my California possessions into a storage unit over the summer in preparation for six weeks in Europe and then a year to fifteen months in Asia, specifically Japan and then hopefully Taiwan. I may not be back until 2016. Everything is very up in the air, but I'm looking forward to it, for the most part.
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