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I ran the Scott Coffee 8K in Moorestown this morning. My finishing time was 52:50.7, which is quite an improvement on my 2010 time of 58:32. It helped that the weather today was universally agreed to be the best weather of any Moorestown Day ever. The race is flat and fast and the residents along the route set up water stations, blast "Born to Run," and give free high fives, so it's pretty nice. Also Moorestown Day now has a cheese curds truck. Hipsters, man.

[personal profile] spaiku and I went down to see our friends in Toms River, which was fun and low-key, and then we went to Seaside for ice cream--Seaside Heights, that is, and Kohr's custard. I hadn't been back since my abortive trip in December 2012, when between the cops and the sand dunes in the street I couldn't even get into the town. The island now has the world's smallest Home Depot, in an old house, and many newer houses in the process of being raised nine feet into the air. It's so weird to have the northern six blocks of the boardwalk just…gone, to say nothing of the Casino Pier that is now half as short again as it used to be. There's a stand on the boardwalk selling "Restore the Shore" paraphernalia, including a lot of wooden things made from the old original boardwalk wood. I suspect by the time I'm back in September I'll want one. Funnily enough, despite all the destruction, the island still is home to what has to be the world's only remaining A&P, which non-coincidentally is completely unchanged since the 1980s.

I'm not sure you'd notice it if you didn't know where to look, in most cases, but the Sandy recovery is all over New York, too--in the "know your zone" ads on the subway, in the endless construction on the MTA. I suppose I should just get used to seeing O's written with the hurricane eye symbol, given that the waters can and will rise again.
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