Jun. 2nd, 2010

starlady: Sheeta & Pazu watch the world open out before them (think in layers)
So I was very kindly given the opportunity to say some few things about AMVs at the Vid Party at WisCon 34 by its organizers, [personal profile] damned_colonial and [personal profile] were_duck; I also recced most of the AMVs that made it on to the playlist. The AMVs in the intro playlist were:

1. "Hold Me Now" (Princess Tutu) by alkampfer81
2. "D for Darker Than BLACK" (Darker Than BLACK) by include
3. "Scarlet Touch and Roses Rain" (Utena: Apocalypse of Adolescence) by Wunetti Productions

I had a whole legal pad page of notes that I mostly wrote while drinking a New Glarus Spotted Cow when I was delayed in MKE Friday night. I said less than this at the actual party (but some of the same to Mari Kotani, Madam Robot and their friends at dinner on Saturday), so consider the following an expansion.

AMVs again )