Feb. 17th, 2012

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This happened a while ago, but what the hell--I met up with [personal profile] epershand and [personal profile] eruthros last month, and we had fun just wandering around. I later cribbed half of our itinerary for showing my friend M around, so double bonus.

Marnee Thai--om nom nom delicious. We got there a bit too late to get the homemade dumplings, but the next time I went there it was much less crowded because their credit card machine was down, and the dumplings were delicious. Ep says this is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, and I believe it.

# The Conservatory of Flowers! I have a decided weak spot for these turn of the 20thC sorts of places, and we paid the recently raised admission fee and had fun wandering around inside cooing over the carnivorous plants. As a bonus, they currently have an exhibit on Playland and the old San Francisco West End, and since we are all interested in local history (and I know very little of it) we had a lot of fun squeezing every last drop of information out of the displays. Also then we went and had Its Its, which I will grant are pretty darn tasty.

# Ep and I went to The Rice Broker, which has replaced the lamentably departed Spork, the other night. Apparently Spork had to close because the building is slated for demolition (!), so The Rice Broker is ultra-temporary. Our verdict: good food, though not necessarily for the price; if it were staying around long-term they'd need to step up their game.

# We also went to a nice coffee shop right by the Asian Art Museum, which I can't remember the name of but which will come very much in handy this summer.