Aug. 13th, 2018

starlady: Uryuu & Ichigo reenact Scott Pilgrim (that doesn't even rhyme)
source: The Good Fight
audio: Paramore, 'Hard Times"
length: 3:01
stream TC: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: fight
download: 268MB on Dropbox
summary: Nevertheless, she persisted.

AO3 page | tumblr post

warnings: Contains references to and/or depictions of Trump, white supremacists, attempted suicide, racial microaggressions, accusations of child pornography, online harassment, revenge porn, and police violence.


Premiered at VividCon 2018.

Me: "I read a review saying this album is about depression, but I think it's actually about being a Hillary voter."
My brother: "Aren't they the same thing?"
I love The Good Fight. I loved The Good Wife too, but The Good Fight is even better: better characters, sharper politics, less nonsense with men, and much more suited to my mood in these times than The Good Wife, whose protagonist I didn't like very much by the end, unlike the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. And when I first started listening to this album, I thought the song and the show would go well together.

A year later, I'm pleased with this vid, despite the very many content warnings I had to put on it. It's kind of funny (and I don't mean funny ha ha) that I didn't really realize how many of them there were until I sat down to list them out. It's all just the way we live now in 2018. I will say, as much as I like the vid and what it does, a show about lawyers does not necessarily make for the most dynamic clips from which to choose. I hadn't originally intended to include the second season (I had originally intended to finish the vid while the second season was still airing), but it became necessary when I realized that I had already used just about all the suitable scenes in the first season. I like the vid as it is now, long courtroom drama bridge and all, but there was a lot of switching things around to make it more dynamic. The technical aspect also presented some difficulties; you'll notice that not all the clips are the same size. But it's mostly not too noticeable, though I do hope to go back and make a remastered version without logos once the show comes out on Blu-Ray.

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