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Happy St. Patrick's Day, all.

!!! page 01
Yuuko: Each
In their respective places,

With their respective feelings

Was waiting for this time.

I hid in this shop in the midst of various things, [TN: "Things" also = "people"]

And protected the world that those two were in.

Chapitre 216: The Interval Between Life and Death
!!! page 02
Yuuko: Because that
Was entrusted to me from their blood relations,
I have never directly met those two...However,

Those two, with their own power,
Turned back time,

Separated from the children,
!!! page 03
Yuuko: Thus,

Without touching their beloved person.
!!! page 04-05
Yuuko: Without doing anything,



The price of waiting.
!!! page 06-07
Yuuko: They kept waiting for this time.

Shaoran: SAKURA!!!

Yuuko: For the sake of those
They love.
!!! page 08
Yuuko: So that neither

Of the two futures would disappear.

FX: Light (magic)

I too

For my time that has come alive even now,
!!! page 09
Yuuko: For the interval between life and death,

FX: Light (magic)

FX: Magic

I can cross through dreams.

FX: Magic
!!! page 10-11
Yuuko: I kept waiting


For their power.
!!! page 12
FX: Magic

Mokona: It's the sign of Yuuko's magic!

FX: Explosion

Jr.: !
!!! page 13
FWR: It can't be!?

K/F: !?

FX: Sudden
!!! page 14-15

Feelings depicted,
For the sake of two futures,
Two powers, now!!

I like how Yukito is counted as a blood relation of Shaoran and Sakura. As anonymous points out below, that's much more likely to be Fujitaka.

It certainly seems that CCS!Shaoran and Sakura have been hiding in plain sight, and that CLAMP have done a bait and switch on us--Shaoran and Sakura put themselves in the tube, and Touya and Fujitaka gave the tube to Yuuko: "Here, take this tube in which my daughter and son-in-law put themselves for safekeeping! And oh btdubs, look out for my not-grandson too! KTHNXBAI!"

But then why did Touya and Yukito ignore Watanuki?

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