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!!! page 01
Shaoran: Yeah,
At last.

...But it's because we believed.

Chapitre 223: Blessed Time

!!! page 02-03
Sakura: That we would definitely
Be able to meet.

!!! page 04
FX: Cloth rustling

Sakura: Sorry to cause you worry.
This child and I are fine now.

!!! page 05
Shaoran: I thought I might lose you.
Like that time.

Sakura: I won't leave you behind.
I promised:

Even if I'm punished for it,
I want to live with you.

Shaoran: ...Sakura...

!!! page 06
Sakura: Your mother and father
Say he looks just like you when you were small.

That might be natural, too.

This child

Is your child and mine,

FX: Rustle

Sakura: And...

!!! page 07
Sakura: The same existence as you.

Shaoran: Then,
As we thought, this child...

!!! page 08-09
Sakura: Yes.

The other Shaoran.

You were created from this child.

!!! page 10
Shaoran: Is this
The meaning of what that person said?

Yuuko: You both will walk in new lives.

But, once more,

You will meet your other selves again.

Sakura: I will meet with the other me as well.

!!! page 11
Sakura: ...And will we face
"That time" once more as well?

!!! page 12
Sakura: ...Even so.

FX: Squeeze

Shaoran: I will absolutely protect you.
My beloved person and my beloved son.

!!! page 13

!!! page 14
FX: Flutter

Jr.: Morning, Mom.

Sakura: Morning.

!!! page 15
Sakura: You're up earlier than usual this morning.

Jr.: Because Dad returned from work yesterday.
He said he'd teach me various things starting today.

FX: Rustle...

Jr.: Martial arts, and other arts too...

Sakura: I'm glad.

FX: Squeeze

!!! page 16
Jr.: If you're not feeling well again, wouldn't resting immediately...

Sakura: No, it's not that.
I'm fine.

I was just thinking that I'm truly blessed
That you were born as my child.
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