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Back from Portland and back to the grind, bird on my knee and the wind at my back.

!!! page 01
Shaoran: We will not

Choose that future.

Sakura: What we will choose
!!! page 02
Shaoran: Is a world in which we can exist together.

Sakura: For that purpose,

Shaoran: Without losing any one of the four of us,
!!! page 03
Group: We'll get out of here!

!!! page 04
FWR: Fools!

FX: Crack


FWR: If you have magic,
You should understand that you can't get out of there!

FX: Creaking
!!! page 05
FX: Snap


FX: Nod


FX: Slow movement

Quickly & smoothly
!!! page 06-07
!!! page 08
FWR: It can't be!!

FX: Snap


FX: Slow movement

Sakura: The power that is within us

Is the power to cross spacetime.
!!! page 09
FWR: You intend to use that power and to get out of there!!

Sakura: It's a power that we alone can use.

FX: Strong light

FWR: Stop!

I didn't cause that power to be stored up to use it for something like that!
!!! page 10
FX: Slicing air

FX: Ba-bam
!!! page 11
FX: Steaming


FX: Sudden

Crackle crackle

!!! page 12
FX: Menacing atmosphere

FWR: Even if you get out of there,
The principle is already broken!

With you breaking that, the principle will be even more disordered!

FX: Snap



FWR: You cannot go back to the origin! No, spacetime will collapse further!!
Your existences will be sent back to nothing too!!
!!! page 13
Shaoran: Even so we will advance forward.

Shaoran: Rather than stop, I choose to proceed.
!!! page 14
Shaoran: Since I believe

Sakura: In everyone.

FX: Crack

I have cleverly solved the "who's on first" problem by not differentiating. I honestly can't tell the difference any more, and I'm not sure it matters at the moment.

Oh FWR, so smart, but still so dumb.
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