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Wow, it's finally the end.

I have some people to thank--namely, [ profile] chibiyuuto, [ profile] ladydarkmoon, and [ profile] nokiirat, for getting me onto LJ and into Clamp fandom--and everyone who's read my translations and commented. I always feel awkward about being thanked, but really, thank you.

!!! page 01
Everything is my precious memories with you
!!! page 02-03
Everyone's support
Gave us courage!

From now on
Always be together!

Chapitre 232: The World of Beginnings
!!! page 04
FX: Crunch

FWR: Pay
The price

FX: Snaking movement

Shaoran: Fei Wong...!

Watanuki: Is he saying that if we don't hand over the price we won't get out of here?
!!! page 05
Shaoran: If it's something I can hand over...!

Watanuki: The price can't give too much or snatch away too much.

If you hand over more than necessary,
You'll be injured.

Your body in the real world,
Your luck in the astral plane,

Your soul in the heavens.
!!! page 06
Watanuki: If Yuuko-san were here, she might be able to tell us an appropriate price.

She's not here now.

You can't yourself understand about yourself.
But since we're the same but not the same,

We might be able to understand.
Will the mutual prices correspond even though we leave here?

Shaoran: Fei Wong's last curse.

Watanuki: Without something precious, it won't be a payment.
!!! page 07
Shaoran: But if you really throw away something precious,
It's meaningless.

Both: The payment.
!!! page 08
Shaoran: Even if I leave here, I understand that it won't be nothing.
There are people who will be hurt and saddened by what I've decided.
Even so, I choose this price.

Watanuki: I don't think this is the correct price either.
Nevertheless, since I've chosen to wait,
I choose this price.
!!! page 09-10
FX: Hissss

FX: LIGHT (of magic)
!!! page 11
Watanuki: Thank you
For giving birth

To me.
!!! page 12
!!! page 13-14
FX: Pouring water
!!! page 15
Shaoran: I...

The other...I...


FX: Splash splash

Sakura: I knew that it would turn out like this...

Since you would absolutely come home, Shaoran...
!!! page 16
Sakura: You and I, Shaoran.

If we have our memories,
It's not the end...

FX: Light

Sakura: So...
!!! page 17
FX: Light breeze

S&S: !

FX: Light breeze

FX: Smoothly
!!! page 18
!!! page 19
FX: Splash


Loud splash
!!! page 20
FX: Clunk

Kurogane: Since he left without me hitting him,

You take it.

Fai: They're sleeping now,
Both of them.
!!! page 21-22
Fai: We'll start from there.

!!! page 23-24
Wishing for their good fortune,
The vibrant morning colors

Now mark the end
Of the dream's journey.

The End.
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