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Thanks to [ profile] cute_sherry for the scans, again.

!!! page 19
Kurogane: Even though he disappeared,

The kids will have to keep paying a price?

Fai: ...As for that, I think it'd be best if the ending day came quickly,

Kurogane: But,
Why was he broken?

I definitely felt the shock from killing him.

Fai: I don't know.

Fei Wong...he too may have been a copy that something created.
!!! page 20
Fai: Not a person,
But a strong thought.

Or maybe the afterimage of the wish of someone with strong magic.

Kurogane: His true character was destroyed, huh.

Fai: Yeah.
...He's gone.

FX: Sudden

Kurogane: Then it's fine.
As long as they aren't hurt any more.
!!! page 28-29
Sakura: I you too.
!!! page 34-35
Mokona: Everyone

Is waiting,

Until they can meet Shaoran and the others.
!!! page 37
Sakura: Since everyone will be together,

You'll absolutely be all right...right.
!!! page 38-39
!!! page 48-49
Sakura: Since we can meet again,


The journey continues...
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