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Everything I have open in tabs, unread, has been recced to the comm already; almost all of these have too. Contrary to appearances, there is a filtering mechanism at work here! But Yuletide is full of awesome writing.

Relatedly, if anyone wants to take a stab at guessing which fics I wrote, go Yulegoat-wild! I very much doubt that anyone will be able to, since Yuletide 2009 doubled my finished fanfic output by 200%, but regardless, here are a few hints:

1. I wrote four fics: two in Yuletide and two in Madness.
2. I have written in none of these fandoms before.
3. One has been recced to the comm.
4. None are in really popular Yuletide fandoms, and none are explicit.

On the offchance that any one gueses correctly, I will owe you a story, at least 500 words. Comments screened (if you comment about the recs I will unscreen).

Becoming -- Spirited Away
Written as part of [community profile] dark_agenda and a brilliant story; very true to Japan without being didactic.

why press a seal on running water -- Spirited Away
a really, really great post-canon ficlet.

Kimono Dreams -- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
It's been forever since I've listened to the album (which I'll have to rectify), but the fic stands on its own. It reads a little like 24hr party people, a few years earlier.

Things Too Wild for Their Words -- Where the Wild Things Are (2009)
A great post-canon fic that really captures the movie, I think.

Goats Who Stare at Men -- The Men Who Stare at Goats
A brilliant little commentary on the entire hare-brained idea of the "Jedi warriors."

Clap, Damn You -- Classical composers RPF
More Britten/Pears, this time around the premiere of Gloriana. Rather snarkier than the other fic for this pairing, but no less affectionate.

Damn Liars -- Brick
A great post-canon ficlet for a great, great movie.

Another Rainbow in Another Sky -- My Little Ponies
Don't laugh. No, don't, it's AWESOME; it could be the beginning to the awesomest 80s remake that Hollywood will never make.

The Last Limerick -- NPR RPF
Another possible fate for the WWDTM crew in the zombie apocalypse. Funny & sad. Did I seriously type that? Yuletide what have you done to me now I strategize plot for NPR RPF in my car every morning listening to the radio augh

Unbinding -- Earthsea - LeGuin
A short but brilliant madness fic.

Other Dances -- Earthsea - LeGuin
A great fic about Tehanu growing up, from Tenar's viewpoint.

Going Down the Chain -- Chronicles of the Kencyrath - Hodgell
You don't need to know the canon to enjoy this fic, because it is awesome. Though the books totally deserve more love (hint hint hint).

wisdom to the mighty, honor to the brave -- Temeraire
Tharkay is awesome. Q.E.D.

Shattered Mirrors -- Dracula - Stoker
Hallucinatory and excellent.

Tears of the World -- the Darkangel trilogy
post-canon, femslash, it's great.

Lovelace and Babbage vs. the Christmas Death Spider from Beyond the Atlantic -- Lovelace & Babbage
Title says it all, really.

Like Blazes -- The Prisoner (1967)
The first chance Six gets involves a certain blue telephone box.

No Need for Fairies -- Hook (1991)
Age and youth are about so much more and less than time.

Indelible -- The Hidden City - West
A nice little fic for one of my favorite book series of all time, Michelle West's novels. Jewel & Duster, almost immediately after the end of the book.