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Dear LJ,

What the crap? Violating other sites' TOS pales in comparison to the fact that by stripping users' affiliate links and replacing them with third-party links you are stealing from your own users. Many of whom, you know, pay you already, and whom I daresay need the money way more than you do, since you've just proven that you have the morals of scum. Again.

Via [personal profile] inkstone, [personal profile] cyprinella has the fix here, but note that it only applies to when you're logged in to the site. [personal profile] vector has more info here, as does [personal profile] telophase here on why implementing the fix is a good thing to do regardless of whether you use affiliate links.

ETA: Supposedly it was an error dropped into the code that will be rolled back with the next code push. Gee, that sounds familiar. (Is the code guarded by a drunken monkey? WTF, I found that excuse hugely suspect the first time.)

*whistles innocently*

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Also, I now have 10 more invite codes; let me know if you'd like one. I'll release them into the wild in a few days.