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[personal profile] starlady
[community profile] runners - A DW community for people who run.

[community profile] middleman - The DW community for The Middleman, one of the best TV shows to ever be canceled after just one season.

[community profile] animanga_news - The DW anime & manga newsletter!

[personal profile] helens78 gives us the title for today's post. The post in question, about fandom and copyrights, is here, but the entire journal is awesome.

[personal profile] inkstone gets the nod this week for the Small Fandoms Friending Meme and general awesomeness.

[personal profile] jonquil frequently has interesting things to say (though the crafting posts go over my head, because I am not a crafting person at all); I really liked this essay on science fiction, despite my being at least a generation younger.

[personal profile] damned_colonial on general principles, and also for this post on mixing romance with war stories which is giving me thinky-thoughts about militarism.

I have five million things to do and only time for one or two, augh.

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