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!!! page 01
War will never vanish from this world, as long as humans are here.

Chapter 18: Assault
!!! page 02
Dash: Wake up.

Wake up, Top Rope.

FX: Swaying slowly

TopRope: …Dash.

What are you doing at this hour…?

Dash: …

TopRope: …Why haven't you turned on a light?

Dash: Something doesn't seem right. It's too quiet.

It's the same time as always for security patrols, but even those are gone.

TopRope: They're sleeping, aren't they?

Dash: I have a bad feeling about this.
!!! page 03
TopRope: A bad feeling, huh…

It's not rational…


Your gut's usually on the money.

Let's hurry up and get out of here.

Dash: …

FX: Heavy running

FX: Running footsteps

Dash: Wait

Both: !!?
!!! page 04
FX: Boom

TopRope: Augh!

FX: Ka-chink

Dash: Oof.

FX: Flash

Dash: Tsk.

FX: Appearing out of the blue

TopRope: Contractors?

FX: Flash

FX: Snaking movement

FX: Whirl

Dash: No, they're not.

These guys…

FX: Gunfire

FX: Flash

FX: Whistling

FX: Sharp crack

FX: Whoosh

Dash: Are human.
!!! page 05
FX: Ping


Dash: !?

Dash: In the usual time…

Dash: Augh…

FX: Ka-bang

TopRope: !?

FX: Quick movement

FX: Rattling

TopRope: Shi--

FX: Gunfire

FX: Snaking movement

FX: Pyu pyu pyu [bullets deflecting]

FX: Gunfire

TopRope: It's pointless, pointless.

FX: Whining

FX: Snaking movement

TopRope: When I'm serious, my rope will fight everything.
!!! page 06
Soldier: ……

FX: Rattling

TopRope: You think you can cut me with a knife like that?

FX: Whining

TopRope: There's a unique fiber used in this ro--


FX: Rattling

FX: Thud

Soldier: Mission complete.

Though the order was to take him down if he used his ability.

He didn't need to use it.


General: Hmph. You're reliable, Corporal Barry.
!!! page 07
General: Your awakened feelings?

Barry: Exceeded expectations.

I can't wait for the next hunt.

General: Ha ha ha. Soon, Corporal.


'Stache: Ha ha ha.

Abigail: ……
!!! page 08
Hei: How about it, Yin?
Did you find Harvest?

Yin: ……

FX: Shaking head no

Hei: Parcel.
!!! page 09
Hei: He might not be near water right now.
Can you find him with Champ?

Parcel: I'm making him try, but he's not finding him.

Champ: ……

FX: Pouring

Parcel: Champ's catalyst is grass,
And there's not much of it outside, is there?

There's a leaf stuck to his chest, right?

That's so he can always use surveillance spectres.

Hei: …What's that riding on his shoulder?

Parcel: That?

It's a supply of methanol.

FX: Pouring

Parcel: Champ's body moves on a fuel battery.
For that matter, the electricity here is the same.

If he finds anything, he'll let us know immediately.

Hei: …
!!! page 10
Parcel: There's nothing to be done even if you're impatient.

We'll wait leisurely.

Hei: Impatient, huh…?

Yin: …

FX: Setting down the cup
!!! page 11
Mina: …Thank you very much.

FX: Beep beep

Yin: Found it.
!!! page 12
Hei: !

Where is he?

Yin: No,
Not that person.

Stolen black flowers.

FX: Whoosh

FX: Collapse
!!! page 13
FX: Whoosh

FX: Gentle motion

FX: Ominous high-pitched hum

Vectrof: Flowers?
Are they withered?

Yin: They're alive.

Hei: Where?

Yin: Twenty-five kilometers west.

A large building…
They're inside a capsule.

Vectrof: Twenty-five kilometers west…
I see. The Nishijima building is over there.

Mina: You're sure it's there?

Parcel: That's unexpectedly close.
!!! page 14
Mina: …What's around that capsule?

A small…um…Is there a transparent purple liquid?

Yin: …

FX: Slow motion

Yin: There is.

Mina: !

…The color…Is it becoming dark and muddy?

Yin: It's not muddy.

Mina: ……!
I knew it…
!!! page 15
MIna: That it's stable even outside the Gate means that they've succeeded in purifying the awakening substance.

In other words, this…

Champ: Warning.

Mina: Huh?

Parcel: Hmm?

Champ: Armed intruders on an ocean firefly.

Hei: !!

FX: Ghost movement

FX: Crunch

FX: Grinding
!!! page 16-17
FX: Thump

Barry: We're going in.
!!! page 18
Hei: How many?

Champ: Two squads. Ten people.

Hei: Ten people…!

Soldiers: We've landed too.

We'll charge in from here.

FX: Quick glare

FX: Sla-boom
!!! page 19
FX: Thump

FX: Helicopter blades thrumming

General: Ha ha ha.

The first three have attained awakening level four.

The rest are still at 1 and 2, but that's more than enough to take them.

I'll let them know that the era of contractors is delayed.
!!! page 20
'Stache: It's started.

Abigail: Why are those guys here?

'Stache: It's an unmanned plane.

Several weeks ago, an unmanned automatic plane sensitive to contractors' Ranselnopt synchotron radiation launched at night.

If they've used their abilities on the ground, that's their bad luck.

Since they shouldn't be in a place like with any goal but to disappear.

FX: Cha-click cha-click cha-click
!!! page 21
'Stache: And of course Harvest's present location is also within our grasp.
Another squad apprehending and eliminating him is only a matter of time.

This time he really will die.

FX: Whirring
!!! page 22
Abigail: …

'Stache: What's wrong? You're not satisfied, Abigail?

Abigail: …They have nowhere to run.

I just thought that the same is true of me,
Professor Nishijima.

Nishijima: Hmph.

Soldier: We have to eliminate him while he's paying.

Soldier: An excellent time.

Nishijima: Just watch what happens

When you betray me.

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