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!!! page 01
Ioryogi: If Kobato's wish is granted,
Even if she comes back,

She'd certainly
Cry again.
!!! page 02-03
Ioryogi: Besides,

I like it better when Kobato, who has

…the same face as her, smiles.
!!! page 04
Genko: That girl
And Iorogi's angel have the same face.

FX: Sigh

We'd never seen angels' forms.

But if you think about it, you can understand.
!!! page 05
Genko: Iorogi's angel bore the aftermath of the battle that girl escaped

Because she had the same soul.

Ginsei: …She bore the same soul
In another world.
!!! page 06
Genko: Yes.

They exist for you and I, too, but--

Barring the unforeseen, we'll never meet.

She should never have met that girl, either.

Ginsei: So then,
Even if Iorogi never returns from that form--

Genko: I think that's his plan.

Ginsei: Even if he can never return to the otherworld?

Genko: He can't go back as a plushie, it's embarrassing.
!!! page 07
Ginsei: …Even if that angel vanishes,

And he loses the girl who posesses
The same face and soul?

Genko: We followed him because he's that kind of guy.
!!! page 08
Ginsei: ……

Genko: My stomach's already in knots.

Since God decided that I'll be here running
A baumkuchen shop until the conclusion.

FX: Squeezing
!!! page 09
Genko: Thought I think every day that with all the pain I've had since I was entrusted with his aide-de-camp name charm by the otherlord,

FX: Growling

Genko: I should have been incredibly elevated in rank, not working this poor man's job.

And this time's the most.

FX: Sigh

FX: Polishing

FX: Grip

Genko: Now then.
I'm going to make delicious baumkuchen today, too.

FX: Turning

Genko: Help me,
!!! page 10
FX: Tapping

Bird: Somehow that violent guy went out to that Iorogi-sama's place
With an incredibly tough face.

FX: Sigh

Genko: There are things that you don't want to understand, even if you understand, huh?
!!! page 11
Bird: Well, that violent guy usually has

An even worse face…right?

Bird: Huh?

Since i"m a bird,
I can't do very much.

FX: Flapping

FX: Grin

Genko: Well, even the worst tool has a use.

Bird: Genko-sama, you're terrible--!!!

Genko: Now, do your best today, too--
!!! page 12
Fujimoto: Where
Did she go?

Kids: Kiyokazu-sensei!

FX: Running feet

Fujimoto: If she's in that much of a hurry, she'll fall over.

Kids: Kobato-chan is--!!!
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