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!!! page 01
Soldiers: This is Harvest's punitive expedition group.

We've lost him.

There's no response from the sensors.

Where is he?

Calm down.

He's got to be close…


Harvest: Do you

…like flowers?

Everything began with this man…!
!!! page 02-03

Chapter 25: Showdown
!!! page 04
FX: Rumbling

General: Take the gun, Sergei.

FX: Chack

General: You'll stick a dying kid a finishing blow.

Sergei: ……

General: You haven't forgotten the oath imposed on you when you entered the Syndicate?

Sergei: ……As a physicist…

I will devote myself to the cause of humanity, not begrudging any sacrifice.

General: Right.
After the Gate appeared, we were turned into the Syndicate, because whatever difficulty was expected had to be fought,
For the sake of humanity!
!!! page 05
General: No matter what sacrifice we have to make, we will protect this Earth.
If we can't do that, what is our Syndicate for?

This is war.

A war against whatever stole the true sky, turns humans into contractors, and is encroaching on us.

Ours, humanity's, war.

The Saturn Ring plan that you went ahead with when you became the center of the Physics Division was surely constructed for that purpose too.

As the ultimate weapon that would end the war.
!!! page 06
General: Without those contractors' resistance, this war might already be over.

FX: Grimace

Sergei: That's……

General: Now, Sergei, take the gun.

You should have had the readiness to erase all contractors and save the world.

Kill this brat,
And prove that readiness once again!

The chance to erase the Gate will come again someday.

Discard your pointless emotions,
And carry out your mission as a physicist!


Sergei: ……

FX: Swiftly
!!! page 07
Sergei: ……

FX: Chack [chambering a round]

General: Ha ha ha.

That's good, Sergei.

That's good.

FX: Turning

General: Why did you deny the power of the black dandelion to such an extent?
I won't venture to care at this point.

But I will say this.

This power is for the sake of competing with contractors.

If we erase the Gate, there'll be no need to use it for anything else.

FX: Fuming with anger
!!! page 08
FX: Rough breathing

Sergei: ……I'm sorry, Parcel.

General: ……Now then.

The swaying has stopped.
Is the tower full of seawater……?

FX: Bubbling

FX: Bubbling
!!! page 09
FX: Glub

Yin: Breathing

FX: Glub glub

FX: Glub glub

Hei: Breathing

FX: Glub

General: ……

Sergei: ……

General: What's wrong, Sergei?
Shoot already.
!!! page 10
Sergei: ……I hoped for the success of the Saturn Ring plan.

Even though I understood that it would kill this child…and all contractors.

For the sake of humanity……


Compared to the weight of humanity,

This child's life is fairly light……

It's an unavoidable sacrifice.

General: ……

Sergei: ……But.
That day…when BK-201 destroyed the Saturn Ring and smashed our scheme.

I noticed a certain truth.

What do you think I noticed,
!!! page 11
Sergei: I noticed that I was relived from the bottom of my heart

Knowing that this child was safe.

I thanked God
for the plan's failure.

…Those were things I should have cast away when I became a physicist, but…

While I was watching those children,
At some point, it seems they returned.

[TN: "Things" is written "emotions."]
!!! page 12
Sergei: I was mistaken.

An individual's life is far and away lighter than humanity,

But it's not light enough to steal just on speculation.

What will we do, who haven't become dolls or contractors, but have lost our hearts!
And what meaning does the victory we were given have!

If the Gate is testing us,
We've chosen a mistaken path.

General: ……

And so what?

Sergei: ……The black dandelion is dangerous.

It eats and steals people's hearts.
!!! page 13
Sergei: Before we can't reach redemption--

FX: Click

General: Stupid.

FX: Gunfire

Sergei: ……!!

FX: Clack

FX: Thud

Asuka: ……!!

Sergei: Augh…

FX: Rolling over

Sergei: ……

FX: Blood spurting

General: ……You were in the Gate too long, Sergei.

FX: Clack

General: That place drives people mad.

Contractors with hearts…

!!! page 14
FX: Boom

General: !

What is that?

FX: Rumbling

Soldier: Explosives in place like that…

FX: Flashing

Soldier: Wha…

FX: Spurting

Soldier: Ka…

FX: Falling

FX: Splatter

General: BK-201.
!!! page 15
General: You're a thoroughly tenacious guy.

FX: Unspooling

FX: Landing

Hei: ……

Reynard Maxley.

General: Long time no see, Hei.

Has it been since South America?

Asuka: Mf!
!!! page 16
Asuka: Mnf……



Hei: ……

FX: Breathing

Yin: ……

Hei: Parcel……

FX: Yank

FX: Cord flying

FX: Whistling

FX: Grab

Hei: ……
!!! page 17
Hei: …It's only you and the helicopter pilots left, Maxley.

Victory is lost.

General: Hmph.

Looks like you've improved your skill a bit since South America.

FX: Fuming with anger

Seems that only your childish, womanly personality wasn't fixed.

You're still pushed around by women.

In South America, when you were still human, who was it that trained you so you could survive on a battlefield?

Was it done by someone who'd come of age as a soldier?

Parcel: Uwa…

Sergei: Pa-……

!!! page 18
Parcel: Sergei:……

Sergei: On…the right…



General: I trained you because you were human.
That's why.

FX: Fuming with anger

That you followed your sister, and joined that woman's group,
And moreover that you degraded into a contractor--

You've made me disappointed until the end.

FX: Slowly getting impatient

Hei: …It's my pleasure.

General: Your pleasure?

You threw the world into confusion for the sake of one person.
You think that pleasure will be forgiven?
!!! page 19
FX: Whip

General: …Now then.

FX: Brandish

General: As an obligation to the people who trained you,

FX: Quick

General: With these hands, I'll bury you.

FX: Scraping

General: Come at me from wherever!
!!! page 20
FX: Flash

Hei: !

General: !?

FX: Yawning

FX: Grab
!!! page 21
Hei: Parse…

FX: Flash
!!! page 22
FX: Snapping shut

FX: Clatter

FX: Clatter

Hei: ……

Sergei: Parcel.


Come out, Parcel.

!!! page 23
FX: Opening

FX: Coming out

General: !!?

FX: Whistling

General: This is…

FX: Snap snap

Parcel: Right below the stratosphere……We've gone up to the limit……

FX: Whistling

FX: Snap snap

Parcel: From here you'll hit the ocean and die.
!!! page 24
General: Bra…t…

FX: Snap snap

Parcel: I've avenged you,


FX: Snap snap

Parcel: Mina, Sergei.

General: ……

FX: Flash

FX: Closing

General: Nuaaaaaaaaa

FX: Falling sharply

Hei: …

Yin: He's coming.

Hei: !?


FX: Opening
!!! page 25
FX: Coming out

FX: Tottering

FX: Collapse

Hei: Parcel!

FX: Catching

Parcel: I did it.


Did it…

FX: Drooping

Hei: ……

You're an outrageous kid…
!!! page 26
FX: Dangerous look

Soldier: Wha…what do we do?
The general?

FX: Blades whipping

Soldier: …Anyway, take off! Take off!

Soldier: Waugh!

FX: Crackling

Hei: The general is dead.

FX: Clattering

Soldier: Gasp!

Hei: You have no boss anymore.

FX: Surprise

Asuka: Mn


Hei: Just like I told you, you can choose

To fly, or to die here and get off.
!!! page 27
FX: Helicopter flying

FX: Ripping

Asuka: Ow…

FX: Blades thrumming

Hei: Are you all right, Asuka?

Asuka: Ye…yes…

But……my leg……

Hei: …It won't move?

Asuka: …Yes.

FX: Blades thrumming

Hei: ……

Asuka: U--um,
…What are you going to do now?

Hei: I'm going to kill Harvest.

I should make clear that when Maxley is ranting about soldiers and the battlefield he's using fairly misogynistic language. Asshat.

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Date: 2010-11-06 00:36 (UTC)
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You are awesome. Thanks for continuing to translate them *Hugs*

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Date: 2010-11-06 06:10 (UTC)
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You're welcome! :-)

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Date: 2010-11-06 00:51 (UTC)
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Thank you very much!! I love Shikkoku and it was very sad to dont have any new chapter lately.

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Date: 2010-11-06 06:10 (UTC)
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I still have 26 & 27 to do! But I have other translation obligations first, I probably won't be able to get to them for a week or two. :-/

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Date: 2010-11-06 07:05 (UTC)
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Thank you very much for sharing your translation. Haven't seen the chapter myself but heck, it sounds full of action and more people dying. :)
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This comment ( has links for raws of 24-26.

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yeah thanks for translation !!

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you're welcome!

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Date: 2010-11-30 00:42 (UTC)
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Hi thanks for the translations. Can you translate the names of the chapters?
the index if you need


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