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Urgh, having finally finished my [ profile] help_pakistan obligation, I'm back to the regular program. Just for reference, here's my planned order for what's on my desk:

DTB 26
HOLiC 210
DTB 27

I'll get through these as soon as possible, but I can't make any guarantees as to exactly when (though definitely within the next month).

Again, thanks to Rena-chan for the raws--if you're able, please contribute a little something to help her continue to be able to provide scans!

!!! page 01
Kohaku: …People pass away.
And angels and demons, the people of the otherworld--we are the same.

We are certainly long-lived, but even so, we are not immortal.

Though we are promised reincarnation,
That cannot be said to be the same person.
!!! page 02
Ginsei: Then all the more,
When the person is in front of your eyes, don't you think that you want that?

Kohaku: If that is that person's happiness.

But if that person's happiness is not to live with you,

Though it's sad, and hard,


That's certainly better than that person not being happy.
!!! page 03
FX: Clench

Ginsei: Are you saying…that Iorogi is the same?

Kohaku: The thoughts that Iorogi-san and Kohaku have aren't the same.
But there might be places that they intersect.


You as well, Ginsei-san.
!!! page 04
Ginsei: For me, those things…

Kohaku: Are there.

Right there.

Ginsei: ……
!!! page 05
Kohaku: …Ginsei-san,
Right now--

What is it that you want most to do?

Ginsei: I…
!!! page 06
Genko: I

FX: Rolling

Genko: Have been watching ever since that Iorogi was just a bad kid.

Sheesh, since he really was reared like that,
He grew up to be an unbelievable guy.

Bird: Were you worried--?

FX: Flapping

Genko: That sort of thing in particular I got past.
I thought that he absolutely wouldn't inherit the otherworld if I didn't force him to meet pain somewhere confused.

The thing that made me angriest was--
!!! page 07
Genko: Iorogi--
He didn't think anything even of his own life.

He just did reckless things in absurd places.
Though we warned him about what kind of otherlord he was, he never listened.

Then he found Ginsei on the verge of death near the otherworld,
And gave him some sort of name, and raised him.

Little by little, he was changing.
!!! page 08
Genko: Well, neither Iorogi nor Ginsei were really docile.
Every, every time they met, they started a serious battlefield!

FX: Growling

Genko: Augh--Even if we used both hands and both feet, it wouldn't be enough for the things in the otherworld they already destroyed!

How many times did he get us involved! The force for those rebels' quarrel!


Genko: You're not talking about me, who was broken!

Those times, I was shouted at!
By those people from the royal family!
!!! page 09
Genko: Nonetheless,
Ginsei was the spur,

FX: Breathing hard

Genko: And Iorogi changed.

What made it definite

Was his meeting with that angel.
!!! page 10
Bird: Was that a good thing?

Genko: Who knows.

Who will decide whether it was good or ill
Is Iorogi himself.
!!! page 11
FX: Rubbing out

Okiura: …It's not a very interesting question,

Ioryogi: ……

Kobato: If I have discomforted you,
I apologize.

!!! page 12
Kobato: Okiura-san,
You've always closed it, haven't you.

Okiura: Closed?

FX: Slowly
!!! page 13
Kobato: You've always closed it, here, and said things that are different than the truth.

FX: Sudden!

Ioryogi: ?!
!!! page 14-15
!!! page 16
!!! page 17
Okiura: …Is this a tactic, trying to appeal to emotions?

Kobato: There is no tactic or anything.

It's just

What I think.

The truth is

And painful.

…I'm just listening.
!!! page 18
Fujimoto: She's…


FX: Br-rring!

FX: Inhaling sharply
!!! page 19
FX: Flip

Fujimoto: Hello?!

Doumoto: I found her, Kyokazu!

Fujimoto: Where is she?!

Doumoto: I came to the apartment thinking she might have gone back there,

And just then I got a call from the owner of the Chiroru shop.
!!! page 20
Doumoto: While the part-timer was out buying,

It seems they saw Kobato-chan enter the park with a guy wearing sunglasses.

Fujimoto: Where?!

Doumoto: Maruyama Park.

Fujimoto: Maruyama Park!

Doumoto: Wait,

FX: Flip

FX: Whip

FX: Sudden
!!! page 21
FX: Setting off running

FX: Door sliding

Shuuichirou: I'm home.

Kohaku: Welcome home.
!!! page 22
Shuuichirou: …Did something happen?

Kohaku: A guest was here until a little while ago.
He let me talk with him,
…But I can't do anything.
!!! page 23
Kohaku: Kohaku no longer
Has the power to influence things that have happened in heaven, earth, or the otherworld.

But even so,
Wishing everyone could be happy,
Is arrogance, isn't it?

FX: Slowly

Shuuichirou: If that's the case then I'm arrogant too.
!!! page 24
Shuuichirou: If you

Are happy wishing for that, then it's fine, Kohaku.

Kohaku: …Shuuichirou-san.

Shuuichirou: It's all right.
I'm sure an angel's wish will be granted.

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Date: 2010-11-23 06:03 (UTC)
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Thank you so much! :D

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Date: 2010-11-23 07:54 (UTC)
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AWWWWW. Shuuichirou is so nice....

Thank you

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Date: 2010-11-23 12:32 (UTC)
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Thanks for the translation once again ^^
Somehow, even though there are more pages, it still slow pacing aha~ I guess it's just how Kobato' series is >.<

You sure have a busy schedule though @_@
I thought you would translate the Gate7 oneshot since I'm releasing the japanese raws soon, but I guess it won't be possible ^^;

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Nope, I'll do Gate 7 for sure. ^^

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aha~ I got to share the raws soon then XD

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Thank you so much for this!

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thank you for your hard work!!

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Date: 2010-11-23 17:04 (UTC)
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Thanks so much for the translation! I saw the scans on photobucket, and I've been dying to find out what happens in this chapter since I saw the scan with Kobato angel wings appearing! It does look like Kobato is approaching it's conclusion soon. I look foward to finding out what happens next chapter.

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Date: 2010-11-23 18:27 (UTC)
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Thanks a lot for the translation!


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