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!!! page 01
Chapter 27: The Harvest Festival
!!! page 02
FX: Wind whistling

FX: Beeep

FX: Guns clacking

Guard: Go, go, go!

FX: Beeep

Guard: Groups A, B, and C are on the elimination of the burglar who broke in to the underground cargo warehouse.

FX: Guns clacking

FX: Beep

Guard: The enemy is a contractor. Hammer him with all the heat you have.

Groups D and E will secure the front door and the emergency exit.

No one is to approach.

FX: Beep

Guards: Sir!

F:X Beep

FX: Footsteps

FX; Door opening

FX: Beep

Guard: Huh?


FX: Door slamming

FX: Wind whistling

Guard: What's with this fog…I can't see anything.
!!! page 03
Guard: I can't see more than five meters ahead.
What's going on?

Guard: This is the south emergency exit.
Security room.
Security room!

Hey, security room!

…No good. We're not getting through.

Guard: I have a bad feeling about this…


FX: Lightly

FX: Pop pop

FX: Bang
!!! page 04
FX: Thud thud thud

Harvest: No one gets in…

FX: Swift

Harvest: No one gets out…

No one gets in,
No one gets out.

FX: Swaying

Harvest: *chuckling*

Harvest: No one.

FX: Smoothly

FX: No one…

FX: Smoke waving

Harvest: No one…
!!! page 05
Controller: South emergency exit! First gate, respond!
…It's no good.

Controller: I thought that the fog had suddenly gotten dark, and then none of the communications from outside would go through!
…The cameras are all out too!

What the heck is going on?

Etô: Perhaps that's the awakened soldier's p-p-power.

FX: Screen flickering on

Controller: Professor Etô!?

Etô: It seems like he w-w-was alone.
He's c-c-certainly gotten stronger than when I t-t-tested him.

……The b-b-black dandelion has awoken.
That lot's goal is the completely formed flowers that are here.

T-t-tell that to Commander Nishijima, too.
!!! page 06
Controller: P…Professor Etô…

FX: Beep

Etô: ……

Etô: E hee hee…

Yes, completely formed.

I took every method to promote their growth.

The f-f…flowers their necessary nutrition just as they liked.
The result is this.

……I've n-n-never seen anything so beautiful.

FX: Quivering
!!! page 07
Etô: Hee hee!

Heee hee hee hee!

Hee hee hee hee!

Scientist: Please open up, Professor!

FX: Thump thump

Scientist: Professor Etô!

FX: Beep

FX: Crumble

FX: Beep

FX: Crumbling
!!! page 08
FX: Heavy breathing

Harvest: …People

FX: Heavy breathing

Harvest: Are such unreasonable…
*breathing heavily*

Fragile things…

FX: Quick

FX: Rumbling

Guards: D…don't flinch!

FX: Gunfire

Guards: Shoot!


FX: Gunfire

FX: Quick

FX: Ping ping ping

FX: Ping

FX: Glare

Harvest: *chortling*
!!! page 09
FX: Whipping the blade

FX: Glaring

FX: Blade flashing

FX: Slashing
!!! page 10
Guard: ……


Guard: Gun clacking

FX: Dragging

FX: Dismemberment

FX: Thudding

Guard: Augh!

FX: Grab

FX: Splsah

Harvest: That ability is interesting.

FX: Unconcerned

FX: Splashing

Harvest: That invisible blade passes right through things that won't move.
It cuts moving things alone in truth.

Perhaps it's an ability that momentarily it stabilizes an empty space and shears through it…
……Well, at the end of the day,

……They might be a little too chopped up.
!!! page 11
FX: Tossing back

FX: Chomp chomp

Harvest: …Even if they're reused,

FX: Cold wind

FX: Seeds floating up

FX: Landing silently

FX: Crackling

FX: Blazing

FX: Heavy heartbeat

FX: Stirring

FX: Sitting up

FX: Heavy drops

FX: Crackling
!!! page 12
FX: Looming

Soldiers: Aaagh


Harvest: Let's show them

The end of evolution.

Transmission: Aaagh


Help me…

…Th…this is the security room…

Nishijima: …

Transmission: Augh! They're here t…too…
!!! page 13
Nishijima: What the hell is this!

FX: Thump

Abigail: …It's like a zombie movie.
I didn't know that the black dandelion had this power as well.

Nishijima: I'd heard that the black dandelion abilities could originally manipulate humans…
…But that power shouldn't be usable now.

Doctor Etô!
What is he doing?

Dude: Before that, Commander! We must escape here now!

The helicopter preparations are in order.

Since the floors below the lab are completely blocked, we're gaining time.

Nishijima: What about the transportation of the flower?

Dude: …That's…
It seems Professor Etô has closed the lab from the inside…

Nishijima: What?
!!! page 14-15
FX: Air slamming

FX: Helicopter blades

Guards: !!?

Nishijima: !?

Abigail: BK-201!?

FX: Helicopter blades

Nishijima: What is it this time?

Dude: I…I don't know.

FX: Helicopter blades

Hei: Fly closer!

Pilot: It's impossible in this fog!

Asuka: …Augh.

Yin: ……

Pilot: ……!
Look, it's no good!

The helipad is already occupied!

Hei: …Just get as close as you can.
…Then we'll jump.
!!! page 16
Asuka: Huh!?


Pilot: I don't know about this!

FX: Blades beating

FX: Blades beating

Soldier: ……No one gets in

No one gets out……

No one…

FX: Firing

FX: Fwoom

FX: Spiraling
!!! page 17
Hei: !?

FX: Spiraling

FX: Spiralling

FX: Fwoom

Hei: Yin! Hang on!

FX: Sudden

Pilot: Huh?

FX: Explosion

Asuka: !!!
!!! page 18
Asuka: Aauugh!

FX: Wham

Yin: Oof.

FX: Shattering

FX: Howling

Asuka: Augh!

FX: Slam

Hei: Get down.

FX: Slam s

FX: Whirring

FX: Slam

FX: Crash
!!! page 19
FX: Rattling

FX: Quick progress

FX: Crash

Hei: This fog…

It's not just normal fog…

FX: Noticably

Hei: Are you injured?

Asuka: ……Aside from my legs I'm fine.

FX: Nod

Yin: Fine.

Hei: Harvest will definitely come to collect the flower.
That's what he's done until now.
…He's certainly on his way already.

Asuka: How do you know that?

Hei: We're in a fog, and there's the smell of blood and offal…
A considerable number of humans have died.

This place is already hell.
!!! page 20
Asuka: *Gasp*

Hei: ……

As much as you remember, this smell will pain you too.

Asuka: ……But now that I've come this far, they won't come back.

Asuka: ……

FX: Nod

Asuka: I'm fine, I can go.

Hei: Yin.

Do you remember the location of Asuka's flower?

Yin: The flower is two floors down, in the building's central capsule.

Hei: We'll get there in advance,

FX: Clench

Hei: And ambush him.
!!! page 21
Hei: Azusa, you…


Nishijima: My helicopter!

Like this, flying is…

FX: Shock

Nishijima: !


!!! page 22
Hei: ……You're Nishijima?

I don't need you. Get out of here.

Nishijima: You break into a person's garden and tell them you don't need them?
And to get out!?

FX: Unhesitatingly

Nishijima: Bastard--

Guard: Commander, keep back!

Abigail: ……

Our retreat's been cut off…

Nishijima: Not just once, but twice,
…It's your fault that the Saturn Ring was destroyed…

My son, who was responsible for that plan, was disgraced and killed!
Everything is your fault!
!!! page 23
Hei: You in the back,

Don't point that gun at us.

I have no intention of killing you or your boss.

You want to multiply the extra bodies?

Guard: Uwa……

Asuka: ……

Nishijima: Don't lower your weapons, idiots!

Guard: B…but……

In this situation, to protect you, Commander, lowering our guns is…

Nishijima: Fine, give it to me!

FX: Grab

Guard: Commander!

Nishijima: It's your fault that my son
Lost our common goals, and was criticized for having invited the Syndicate's internal divisions!

I can do nothing but make the Syndicate rock-solid again, and that dishonor will never be blotted out, but you--!
!!! page 24
Nishijima: Die!

Right here and now, die!

As a sacrifice to restore the honor of the Nishijima family!


Abigail: Right,
That's enough.

FX: Flash

Nishijima: !?

FX: Forced to a halt

Nishijima: Abi…


Abigail: Beyond this, I wonder about you decreasing your survival probability.

FX: Clatter

FX: Thud

Abigail: Cool your head for a little while.

Now then.

First, what about you, BK-201?

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