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!!! page 01
Chapter 29: The Secret of the Flower
!!! page 02
FX: Thrumming

FX: Car speeding along

Misaki: ……

I should be able to see the Nishijima building just fine from here, but…

The closer I get the darker……

This fog……


FX: Fog rolling aside
!!! page 03
FX: Clack

FX: Car moving

Soldier: ……No one will get through…

No one can be here!

FX: Ka-click

FX: Gunfire

FX: Boom

FX: Slam

FX: Shattering

Soldier: No one.

FX: Roaring

Soldier: No one.

!!! page 04
FX: Click

FX: Clack

FX: Flashing

FX: Th-thrum

FX: Crackling

Soldier: Auuggh!

FX: Crumbling

Soldier: ……

FX: Thud

Misaki: That way of having been split off from that wreckage…
I thought it was with heavy weaponry, but…

FX: Shaking

Misaki: The black dandelion…one of Harvest's companions…?
!!! page 05
Misaki: His ability is this unnatural fog…

FX: Flames roaring

Misaki: I met my expectation, but…it was a little undignified…

That was a good car.

FX: Wind blowing

FX: Running

FX: Earpiece static

Kanami: …saki,

Misaki: Kanami.

Kanami: Oh good, it finally connected.

Listen up, Misaki.
I scanned the Nishijima building by hacking Pandora's servers.

FX: Keyboard tapping

Misaki: Pandora's…?

Kanami: Yes.
If I'm done in, return the favor, okay?

It looks like things are serious inside.

Everything's sealed off below the lab floor, and the enemy are swarming…

Starting from the inner citadel, it'd be better just to stop.
!!! page 06
Misaki: …Are there no other ways to go to the lab?

Kanami: That's right…

Wait, there is!

The roof of the second building next to it.

There's a built-in crane.

If you extend it as far as possible, you might be able to reach the tower they're in.

Misaki: ……I'll try it.
Thanks, Kanami.

FX: Swift

Kanami: It's a loan.

Be careful…Misaki.

FX: Trickling

FX: Flipping quickly

FX: Trickling
!!! page 07
FX: Loose

Hei: You opened this huge hole too, Harvest?

Yin: ……

Harvest: BK-201…
If you hadn't taken those two dead weights under your wing,

You'd have been able to attack me without falling…

You really are extremely illogical.
!!! page 08
Azusa: *sitting up*

Aah…it hurts…

FX: Trickling

Azusa: !

Mr. Mask!

Hei: Azusa.

Stay there.

FX: Swish/angry

FX: Whipping

FX: Landing

FX: Glaring

Kyouko: *hee hee*

It looks like you know what this is.

The "meteor shard."

The mysterious item from within the Gate that can make a contractor's powers increase by leaps.
!!! page 09
Kyouko: Before, in South America, a struggle surrounding this took place,

And then,

I've heard that the Gate was sealed using this,
In the earth of South America.

Harvest: The ones who did that were his companions.

Kyouko: Is that so?

Then of course you'd know.

Hei: …Why do you have that?

Kyouko: *tee hee* It's mysterious, isn't it?

It suddenly disappears, and appears,
It exists in two places at the same time,

And it plays with the fates of contractors…

FX: Shambling

FX: Uuggh…

Hei: !

FX: Agh…

Kyouko: I really do wonder what this is.

FX; Shambling
!!! page 10
FX: Shambling

FX: Uuggh…

Hei: This lot are being controlled by the black dandelion, huh…

FX: Shambling

FX: Swift

Kyouko: It's too bad, but humans who have died once can't be made to awaken.

They can be commanded as long as their hearts beat.

Azusa: This…

Kyouko: …This is a power that I can use because I took back "myself" and the meteor shard.

…Yes, I lost the thing called "myself."

To put it correctly,
By obtaining the meteor shard,

I lost the entirety of the existence called "myself."

As the remuneration for obtaining

That power.
!!! page 11
Kyouko: I don't remember anything of the "original me."

What I remember is my own ability, and the remuneration,

And that very moment that I thought there was something…

FX: Shining

Person: !?

FX: Shaking

Kyouko: …My flesh and the meteor shard were taken in by the flower,

FX: Bursting open

Kyouko: And then…only the flower was left there…
!!! page 12
Kyouko: I had limitless power, and I bloomed by the wayside of the Gate.

FX: Creeping

Kyouko: I'd come down in the world to just a weed.

*tee hee* It's comical.

My power is to command humans using the flower.
The remuneration was that my existence would disappear from someone's memory.

Each time I use my power, someone forgets me
…And then, finally

The last proof of my existence disappeared from the flesh, as remuneration.

Azusa: ……

Kyouko: There isn't even any record remaining of me as the flower contractor.
And I myself can't even remember the original me.

If no one has any memories of you, that's the same as never having existed in the world from the beginning.

……Just like you can't remember the me of now,
!!! page 13
Azusa: ……

FX: Grip

Hei: …So then you stole that form?

FX: Drawing

And you sacrificed this many humans?

FX: Uggh


Is that your goal!

Kyouko: *tee hee*
Sacrifice? Steal?

It's not that simple.

It's no good just to impersonate other people.

If I did that, I'd never have regained myself as a contractor.
That's why
!!! page 14
Kyouko: I swallowed hearts and memories completely,

And reconstructed them as one existence.

Until I discovered that method, I broke a lot of people.
And I had trouble, too.

Hei: ……

If there's even a little lingering attachment, it's no good.

……Besides, I noticed that even if I swallowed one person, it wasn't enough to restore my existence.

…It's a lie that you know yourself best.

So that I could be myself,

Your heart, you who knew me well, was necessary too.
!!! page 15
Azusa: ……


Kyouko: That I can exist like this now is thanks to you.
Your memories made the flower complete.

…That's why I'll keep you alive.

FX: Creeping

FX: Swiftly

Kyouko: I'll let you see the details.

Hei: !

FX: Flash

FX: Sudden

FX: Boom

FX: Draining
!!! page 16
Hei: Harvest!
The flower is controlling you t…


FX: Aggh

FX: Slam

Hei: Tch.

Azusa: Wa…wait.
What are you going to do?

What are you going to let me watch…?
!!! page 17
Kyouko: To completely cover this world with the flower, using the power of this meteor shard.

First is this Yokohama…and then Tokyo.

Hei: !?

Azusa: …To do something like that, what…?

Kyoko: Other than contractors and Dolls, ……

All humans will be made to awaken.
!!! page 18
Azusa: ……Huh?

Kyouko: Everyone will become like you, then.

They'll be obedient to hatred and the intent to kill.

Without hesitation, they'll try to kill the other people around them.

Azusa: ……Wha,

For what purpose?

Kyouko: …For what purpose?

I don't know.

Azusa: Huh!?

Kyouko: Ask him.
!!! page 19
Kyouko: I made a promise

Harvest: ……

FX: Whistling


Kyoko: To him that I would do this, when I regained my flesh.

Hei: ……!
So you are the root of this!!

Azusa: …Why!?

Harvest: You'll know immediately.
!!! page 20
Harvest: What remains in the world after illogic is eliminated,

And what is lost,


FX: Roaring

Hei: Harvest!
!!! page 21
FX: Swift

Hei: !

FX: Sudden

FX: Flash

FX: Crackling

FX: Sweeping around

Yin: Hei.
!!! page 22
Hei: Yin.

FX: Landing

FX: Slowly

FX: Sudden

Hei: Let's synchronize our breathing.
I'm breaking through.
!!! page 23
FX: Swfit

Hei: !

FX: Flashing

Hei: The captain of the awakened squad?

FX: Flaring

FX: Popping apart

Soldier: Die.

FX: Sudden

Hei: !?
!!! page 24
FX: Opening

FX: Staring

FX: Confusion

FX: Dropping

FX: Popping

FX: Slam

FX: Sudden

FX: Rolling

Hei: You…

Abigail: Don't worry about the small fish.

You follow those two.
!!! page 25
Abigail: Go.

FX: Gunfire

FX: Gunfire

Hei: ……

I'll do that.

FX: Spooling

FX: Leaping

Abigail: …No matter what,

Those two won't be stopped by me.
If I disordered their minds, or caused an explosion, my hand wouldn't reach.

Azusa: Oh!

FX: Zooming

FX: Landing

Azusa: Mr. Mask……
!!! page 26
FX: Running

Azusa: Oh…

Since I'm a burden, I'm wasn't told to follow…


I have to stop it.



FX: Sharp pain

Azusa: …Since it hurts, the nerves are connected…

That they won't move…it's because I'm afraid……

I have to stand.

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Date: 2011-01-14 17:51 (UTC)
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yeahhh another translation !! thanks a lot!!!!

is the chapter 32 the last ? T_T

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Date: 2011-01-14 17:53 (UTC)
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Nope, it says the manga continues in the March issue. So there'll be at least one more!

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Thanks again for all your translations *HUGS*

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chapter 33 :
the last one T_T hope now an anime of Shikkoku

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Thanks for the link! I'm sad to see it go.


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