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Simple Scanlations is looking for donations to cover costs. As for me, I'll try to have the final three finished ASAP. 

!!! page 01
Held captive by the past,
I wander the present--

Chapter 30: Scars
!!! page 02
Girl: It's in the way,
This helicopter.

FX: Thunk thunk


Harvest: Satisfied?

FX: Crumbling

Girl: Yes.
!!! page 03
Misaki: !?

That dust…

FX: Wind blowing

Misaki: Harvest!

FX: Blowing away

Misaki: …Is that him?

I can't take it easy here.

FX: Running footsteps

Girl: This is more than enough, if it's spread widely,
Separating a little.

I'll return all the flowers that I entrusted to you, too.

Harvest: That's not necessary.

Girl: Now then.

FX: Light shining (radiation)
!!! page 04-05
FX: Blooming

Girl: About 30,000.
!!! page 06
Girl: Thirty thousand black dandelions!

…Did you know? The dandelion flower is an aggregate of small flowers.

Every petal has a pistil and a stamen, and all together forms a complete seed.

150 of them.

150 times those 30,000 flowers,
Which carry 45 million seeds, to fly through the air on the wind.

Whether they drift to lucky people or not,
Those seeds will bud,

And each produce another 150 seeds.

150 times 45 million…
Is 6.75 billion seeds.
!!! page 07
Girl: …And then times another 150,
Times 150…

All of them will unavoidably develop buds…

Where they fly is up to the wind,
But it shouldn't take that much time until they cover the world.

Inasmuch as I have the meteor fragment in my hands.


Harvest: How long will it take to make those seeds fly?

Girl: SInce I've created them directly, it should only take a moment to make the flowers bloom, but it will take a little time to make the seeds grow for our purposes…

About five minutes?

Harvest: …

I see…
!!! page 08
Girl: Can I ask you something,

How did you discover me in the flowers?

No one should have known that I existed.

Harvest: …

It wasn't I who discovered you; it was a Pandora scientist.

Until I was planted in my own body, I didn't notice that you were a contractor, either.

Thanks to that, I nearly died, but everything was coincidence…

Girl: I see…

Harvest: …No, that's wrong.

Girl: ?

Harvest: That's not right…
!!! page 09
FX: Clank clank clank

FX: Sudden

Harvest: It's that girl's fault.

Girl: Girl?

Harvest: In South American I was called the Phantom,
And I was terrifying…

I've wandered around for a long time, and everything…


That will end today too.

Girl: ……?
!!! page 10-11
Harvest: …And you, BK-201.

The Black Reaper.

My destiny with you goes this far as well.

FX: Shining
!!! page 12
Hei: Stay back, Yin.

FX: Sudden

FX: Shining

FX: Clash

FX: Electric shocks

Hei: …It's the same response as at the tower…

Harvest: Even now, I'm being wielded, aren't I?
You too.

FX: Clash

Harvest: By that girl.

FX: Crumbling
!!! page 13
Harvest: By that…

FX: Bash

FX: Clash

Harvest: Amber!

Hei: He knows Amber…
An EPR member?……

…No. An older acquaintance?

Girl: Amber?

Yin: …

Harvest: Yes.
A contractor who could turn back time, at the price of becoming younger.

The girl who commanded the strongest and worst squad of contractors in South America.
!!! page 14
Harvest: You were unique in that squad--
You were just a human,

Black Reaper.

Hei: What of it?

Harvest: Why did that woman accept only you?

Do you know how many times you were saved?

Hei: ……

Harvest: Yes, there's no reason you should know.

Only that girl knows the truth of how many times she fixed the future.

Including this moment now too!

And that time was the same.
!!! page 15
Harvest: …This is Phantom.

Target detected.

We've got someone here who can nullify a doll's senses.
It's fine.

They haven't noticed.

It'd be best to make certain of them and clear them individually, right?

…Black Reaper.

Shall you be first?……
!!! page 16
FX: Slash slash slash

Dude: ?

Harvest: I've been cut!? Me!?

FX: Slump

Harvest: I…who can decompose…
Even a rifle bullet…before it breaks…the skin…
With a simple knife…


Amber: Conceited.

You're not as special or as strong as you think.
!!! page 17
Amber: You're vastly inferior to Hei now.

There is nothing in you.

…There may come a time when you understand that.

FX: Turning

FX: Rustling

Voice: …Where did you go, Amber?

Amber: Move out.
This place will be attacked in five minutes.

Harvest: …I awoke two weeks later.

Just after I knew that that girl had turned back time…

I was denied everything.
!!! page 18
Harvest: That girl who knew the future

FX: Flutter

Harvest: Told me I was inferior to you, when you were a human.

I can't possibly understand it.
Logically speaking, it's not possible for a contractor to be inferior to a human.

FX: Chomp

FX: Rumbling

Harvest: *whistle*
…So I will make certain.
I will steal illogical thoughts from humanity,

FX: Moving

FX: Radiation

FX: Scattering

Harvest: And ascertain whether what's lost there is really necessary,

FX: Breaking

FX: Snapping

Harvest: And whether there's

Nothing in me.
!!! page 19
FX: Rumbling

Harvest: …And I will deny everything.

The future that girl envisioned--I'll be an obstruction in humanity's progress--everything.

Hei: …For that trivial reason, you…

Harvest: I myself am the future!

FX: Radiation

FX: Radiation

FX: Clash

FX: Snap

FX: Electric shocks

Girl: …Don't get me caught up in this, Harvest.

FX: Rumble

Girl: Dying again would be a pain.

Yin: ……

FX: Slam
!!! page 20
FX: Th-thud

Azusa: Kya--

FX: Shuddering

FX: Quivering

Azusa: I…I have…

I have to hurry…

FX: Unfolding

FX: Opening

FX: Blooming

FX: Glowing

Girl: It's here.

FX: Running

FX: Th-thud

FX: Noticing

Misaki: The other side?
!!! page 21
Abigail: !

FX: Crashing

Abigail: Who are you?

Misaki: Wait!

I'm…Kirihara Misaki, of the Metropolitan Police Dept.

I have a general grasp of the situation.
I've come to protect a schoolgirl.

Abigail: Protect?
Alone? …No, how did you get here?

Misaki: I made my way on the crane of the building next door.

You can get over from there.

Abigail: Really?
All right.

FX: Crash crash

Abigail: A barricade won't hold for long, either.
Hurry, the commander!

Misaki: The schoolgirl?

Abigail: If she's lucky, she's with BK-201.

Maybe on the roof.
!!! page 22
Misaki: …All right.

FX: Setting off

Abigail: You'd better hold off!

That's BK-201 and Harvest fighting!

You'll get up close and personal with death!

Misaki: You evacuate first!

Abigail: ……

I'll keep that in mind.

FX: Roiling

FX: Exploding

FX: Slam

FX: Slam

FX: Screeching

FX: Roiling
!!! page 23
FX: Th-thud

FX: Rumbling

FX: Crumbling

RX: Rumbling

Yin: Hei.

Azusa: Kyaa!

FX: Whistling

FX: Exploding

Hei: Space is vanishing at the collision…

Hei: Shi--

Azusa: Your foot--

FX: Sudden
!!! page 24-25
Azusa: ……

Azusa: Augh--

FX: Shaking

FX: Wafting

Azusa: !

!!! page 26
Azusa: These seeds are all…

FX: Falling

Girl: You did well on that leg,


FX: Wafting

Girl: Let's watch together,

This day that envelops the world in jet black.

The space pockets opening are actually more of a bubbling sound, but I couldn't figure out how to represent that. 

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haha thanks \o/

well since you forget the title ! i can guess that it's "chapter 30: the past" am I right ? ^^''

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Date: 2011-01-28 19:53 (UTC)
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*facepalm* Thanks, yeah, I totally forgot. It's actually 'Scars.'

*goes to edit*


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