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!!! page 01
Chapter 32: Final Action
!!! page 02-03
In Yokahama, towards Kawasaki, there is a massive outbreak of a mysterious black dandelion.
And that is thought to be the cause of the repeated instances of assault.

Fires are also breaking out.

And in Naka Ward, there is a report that as soon as a dark fog cleared up, there was a severe rumble in the ground…

FX: Helicopter blades thumping

Saitou: Is the Chief really going after them alone?

Blondie: That's what Matsumoto-san said; there's no mistake.
According to what the kid who was brought to the hospital said, BK-201 should be headed for the Nishijima building.
The Chief is certainly too…

Parcel: That's right. He's definitely there.
And Harvest too.

Blondie: ……?

Since when did you get in the helicopter…

Parcel: You guys don't seem dependable.

Blondie: But what about your stomach wound?

Parcel: Look!
!!! page 04
FX: Blazing

Saitou: …What is that light?

Blondie: That's the Nishijima building.

Parcel: Yeah.
That light…

It's dangerous somehow.
!!! page 05
Misaki: This light…

What the hell…
I can't make out the ground clearly.

Am I dead?……

Voice: Keep your consciousness clear,
And analyze,

Kirihara Misaki.

Misaki: …!?
!!! page 06
FX: Swiftly

Misaki: Ah!


FX: Blazing

Misaki: Ack.

FX: High-pitched noise

Misaki: !?
!!! page 07
Misaki: …A lens-shaped object.
That can't be…

FX: Screeching

Misaki: The meteor shard!?

Why is that here…

The meteor shard is a substance from within the Gate that amplifies contractors' powers.

Which means this space…

FX: Screeching

Misaki: Did it amplify someone's contract power…

Or maybe--
!!! page 08
…This space is the result of amplifying the abilities…

Of all the contractors in this place!!

If I don't stop that thing somehow…
!!! page 09
Azusa: Welcome home, Kyou-chan.

Kyouko: I'm scared, so scared.


Azusa: I was finally able to remember.

Kyouko: I don't want this to disappear.

I'm sorry, Azusa…

Azusa: No, it's fine.
I already understand.

Kyouko: I don't want it to dis…ap…

Azusa: You didn't do anything wrong, Kyou-chan.

The fault was all…

FX: Sucking

Azusa: In my heart…
!!! page 10-11
Azusa: Commanded and cut loose by the black dandelion.

FX: Slurping

Azusa: The black dandelion just eats and commands hearts…

Because of that, even if I regain all of my memories,

It's impossible to turn into someone else, whom I don't know well…that's why,

…I was playing your part.
!!! page 12
Azusa: I'm glad; the flower just made me fully recognize my own boundary…

Kyouko: ……

FX: Rustling

Azusa: When I deceived the world……

It was necessary to maintain a connection with him as a human.


Now that that purpose is made clear, he cannot exist as a person in this world…

FX: Gently falling

And the power that he contained in this world as a stopgap measure is no longer his.

Kyouko: …It's disappeared completely, hasn't it…

FX: Fading

FX: Air moving lightly

Azusa: …Yeah.
Leaving us…

Kyouko: ……

What will happen to me? Will I disappear?
!!! page 13
Azusa: ……I don't know…


…I won't let you go again.

FX: Rumbling

Azusa: Absolutely.

FX: Blazing

Hei: Concentration.
!!! page 14
Vectrof: Concentrate,


Hei: Concentrate?

What, at this point?

Vectrof: You understand that your power isn't just something that flows like an electric current, correct?
That essence is the control of electrons.

Your younger sister, who was the original owner of that power, sealed the Gate in South America by creating an inviolate area that was isolated on the electron level.
Of course if the amplification factor called the meteor shard hadn't been there electron manipulation of that scale would have been impossible.

…From the theory standpoint, even on a very small scale, that sort of thing should be possible even now.

If you concentrate further…

Hei: …Hmph.
!!! page 15
Hei: If I don't concentrate, I can't use it.
I don't know whether or not I can do it, either…

I can't use that sort of thing in actual fighting.

Vectrof: Certainly,

That's just why Harvest has the strength and speed that he invokes.

"Cut the electron connection"--just because of that specialized power, he's fast and strong.
There's nothing else but electrical current to rival that quickness, is there?

…But you won't beat that man with that.

FX: Crash crash crash
!!! page 16
Harvest: Aaugh!

Vectrof: All you can do with electrical current is slow his decomposition of things.

You can't give that man's actual body any damage.
And there's a limit to how much you can retard the decomposition.

Harvest: Did you see it?

Do you feel it, BK-201?

This power?

This is the power…of the meteor shard!

Hei: ……
!!! page 17
Vectrof: …But what's important here is the fact that you can retard the decomposition with electrical current.

In other words, Hei,
On the point of "electron control," your power is superior to that man's.

Hei: I can't see you, but I know that we are equally close,

You and I.
The person who is shown to be better than the power of the meteor shard will win!!

Harvest: I wonder what happened to the dandelion contractor…
Why did she let go of the meteor shard?

That doesn't matter anymore.
With this power, I

Will cut all the connections in this world!!
!!! page 18
Vectrof: Concentrate, Hei.

You can do it.

Harvest: Sociality's,

All of them are irrational!!

Vectrof: Because you're you.

Harvest: I will sever all of those connections to the future!!!

Hei: Concentrate!

FX: Staring
!!! page 19
Harvest: You're slow!!!!

FX: Whoosh

Hei: ng…!!!

Is it no good?…


The connections will be cut…

All of them…

I'm sorry.

Voice: Don't give up.

Hei: ?
!!! page 20-21
!!! page 22
Hei: Yin……

Yin: Hei.
!!! page 23
Harvest: All of it,

Vanish into nothingness!
!!! page 24
FX: Rumbling

FX: Crashing and shattering

Helicopter: Augh!

FX: Crashing

Saitou: Around the building has begun to swirl and collapse…!!

Blondie: It's widening gradually.

Parcel: ……
!!! page 25
Parcel: Hang in there, BK-201.

Hei: …That's right.

Just like Amber said…

There is nothing in you.
Or in Azusa…

You're inferior to everyone in here.
!!! page 26-27
!!! page 28
FX: Crunch

FX: Futile

Harvest: …at's--

FX: Liquifying

Hei: You cannot create a future.