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This is the second-to-last chapter of Kobato. *sigh* My help_japan and Gate 7 04 translations are in progress, and will be posted/sent on ASAP.

!!! page 01
FX: Running

Ioryogi: How do you know about Ushagi!?

FX: Halting

Kobato: God told me.

Ioryogi: You…now--

Are you

Kobato: No,
I'm Hanato Kobato.
!!! page 02
Kobato: I talked
with God too,

That day.

That time when my time

God told me

That I might die for an
Unrelated reason.
So if I had any wishes, He would grant just one.
!!! page 03
Kobato: I answered that I wanted to live.

And God said that that was incredibly serious, and for me, difficult,

Since someone would probably do their best for that, he told me to say something else.

So I said that
"I want to go."

"I want to go to the place where the people I love are,"
I said.
!!! page 04
Kobato: Before this happened, my body was always weak.
I was in the hospital longer than in the house, and everyone was always worried for me.

Every day in the hospital I saw people who had been cheerful the day before die of illness and injury.
From the time I was small, I always thought

"People die from just a little thing.

"They won't always continue until tomorrow."

And I
Can't even do anything for the people I love.

So I wished to be able to go to where they were.

Even if I were reborn,
If I were dead.
!!! page 05
"Even if I'm reborn,
I want to be near where they are," I thought.

But God
Said that wishes are things that change.

And that when I, whose time had stopped,
Was returned to the human world,

Just because I would forget many things, I would helped by many people.
!!! page 06
Kobato: And that, if my wish changed,

If I found a new wish,

I should call on Ushagi-san.

Ioryogi: …God
Didn't say anything about this to me… [Belated TN: Kobato says "kami-sama," Ioryogi just says "kami"]

Kobato: Now,
I've found it.

My wish.
!!! page 07
Kobato: That Okiura-san's father won't do awful things to Sayaka-sensei and Okiura-san any more,

And that the two of them can be happy.

The bottle isn't full yet,
But is it enough?

Ioryogi: Hey, wait!!
!!! page 08
FX: Whirling

Kobato: …That's good.

Ioryogi: This is not good!

If that wish is granted,
You'll die like this!

Kobato: That's right.
!!! page 09
Kobato: But
Right now this

Is the wish I want granted most.

That I could be able to live alone with you, Ioryogi-san, as I'd longed to do,
And that I could wander around outside cheerfully…

With everyone's help,
I was happy.

Since that's something I couldn't do up until now.
!!! page 10
Kobato: …Besides,

I was able to meet
Fujimoto-san too.

Ioryogi: Do you think that's enough?

Leaving without saying anything to Fujimoto!?

Kobato: It's all right.

Since Fujimoto-san will be able to smile this way,

It's all right.
!!! page 11
FX: Light

Ioryogi: !!

!!! page 12-13
Kobato: Thank you very much
for giving your all for me,


Ioryogi: Why could you only say it
Properly at a time like this!?
!!! page 14-15
Kobato: I love you.
!!! page 16
Kobato: …Goodbye.

…I'm going to dislike this ending, aren't I?
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