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I am exhausted, late, and at altitude, so have some links:

[personal profile] julia_beck, Ada Lovelace Day

OTW, Ada Lovelace Day

[personal profile] lucyp's tribute to [personal profile] lim

[personal profile] via_ostiense, three heroines

AO3, tribute to [personal profile] sidra

And Nele Noppe has a guest post on Comiket at the TWC Symposium blog. It's a great portrait of an essential aspect of "contents industry" fandom in Japan that has only minimal correspondence in the States, and a great read.

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Date: 2011-10-08 05:51 (UTC)
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esteefee has a great post on sidra, too. Aside from being amazed at how much work Sidra does, it also explained what Systems does (something I'm v. v. fuzzy on, beyond "complicated computer stuff").