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I just did the I Run 4 Cal 5K - apparently we raised at least $14,000, which is good. I dislike having to do laps, and thanks to the 5K I ran on campus last year I know it's possible to get a 5K out of campus without laps, so the course being two laps was mildly annoying (I suspect I would have had a faster time without having to do the course twice, so this is not disinterested whining, full disclosure). In any event, my time was 30:32 - I am satisfied in light of the hills and this being the first race I have done in eleven months, and my pacing was better.

In unfun body news, however, I have managed to give myself some kind of wrist injury in my right wrist. I suspect it's an RSI, though I hope that with braces and better ergonomics I can avoid doing it again. Luckily I have a doctor's appointment scheduled tomorrow for allergy meds and my persistent infection/allergy? thing in my ear piercing holes, so I will get my money's worth out of that $15 co-pay.
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