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I just did the I Run 4 Cal 5K - apparently we raised at least $14,000, which is good. I dislike having to do laps, and thanks to the 5K I ran on campus last year I know it's possible to get a 5K out of campus without laps, so the course being two laps was mildly annoying (I suspect I would have had a faster time without having to do the course twice, so this is not disinterested whining, full disclosure). In any event, my time was 30:32 - I am satisfied in light of the hills and this being the first race I have done in eleven months, and my pacing was better.

In unfun body news, however, I have managed to give myself some kind of wrist injury in my right wrist. I suspect it's an RSI, though I hope that with braces and better ergonomics I can avoid doing it again. Luckily I have a doctor's appointment scheduled tomorrow for allergy meds and my persistent infection/allergy? thing in my ear piercing holes, so I will get my money's worth out of that $15 co-pay.

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Date: 2012-04-15 20:12 (UTC)
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That's really fast! Congrats. What is about laps that annoys? (As a swimmer, I don't have much choice.)

Squeeze that co-pay, for reals.

Some people (me, in an earlier life) cannot even tolerate 24k gold in earrings, much less "hypoallergenic" stainless steel, sterling silver, argentium, or niobium. Niobium is the least reactive metal I could put together a "upgrade yr earrings" kit with a variety of niobium colors and a basic pliers.