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I don't know why it took me this long to put it together, but it's by no means impossible that the Toms River cancer cluster played a role in my mother's cancer. (It's equally possible that the one had no part in the other.) (I need to remember to ask my dad whether Mom had the genetic test for the defective gene. I doubt it, but it's worth asking.) Regardless, I lived in Toms River from birth until the age of approximately two, and my parents lived there for seven years before I was born.

I have friends who still live there; they have a double-osmotic filtration system installed in their house, and don't drink the tap water. Their water filter guy occasionally will talk about how other Toms River customers go through the filters twice or three times as frequently as customers not in Toms River do. I'm lucky not to have had cancer already, I suspect. And nothing in the future will surprise me on that front.
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